“Signed my boyfriend up for the $1 haircut and sent him with photos of a new hairstyle to try. They totally nailed it! And he’s been going twice a month for about 6months now. He is very happy with the level of service he receives!”

– Sabrina R.

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Experience Oklahoma’s highest and most reviewed men’s salon.

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The Elephant in the Room Story

In 2010, Justin Moore had a vision to transform the men’s grooming experience and he reached out to his brother-in-law and the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark, to help turn his dream into reality. Having consulted with numerous franchises and the founder of Oxifresh, Jonathan Barnett, Clay recognized that Justin’s men’s grooming experience could be transformed into the ultimate low-cost, turn-key, residual-income producing franchise, but they needed Jonathan Barnett’s help. Clay arranged a meeting and the ultimate partnership was created with Justin focusing on the men’s grooming experience, Clay focusing on the marketing and system creation, and Jonathan focusing on what he does best, franchising.


“Yes, Justin Moore is my brother-in-law, but that is not what I respect about him. I respect Justin’s coachability at a time in his life when most would have quit. I respect Justin because he shadowed me for two years to master the art of “rising and grinding” everyday at 4:00 AM while learning the diligence it requires to become a successful entrepreneur. Ideas don’t matter, it’s the execution of those ideas that matter. I respect Justin because while the world was sleeping, Facebooking, drifting or complaining he was busy turning his dreams into reality. I’m excited for you to learn how Elephant In The Room was started and I’m excited for those who have chosen to franchise with us to grow this wonderful business. I’m sure this book will just the first of many for Justin, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity to say, I am proud of him.”

Clay Clark
(Former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, CEO of The Elephant In The Room, and member of Forbes Business Coach Council)

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