How did you come up with the name Elephant In The Room? The meaning of the Elephant In The Room is two fold.

1st – Most men have never experienced what it is like to have their look both styled and maintained by a grooming professional. At Elephant In The Room we believe hair is an accessory to style and that you cannot have great style without great grooming.

2nd – At the Elephant In The Room we want to make a difference. Like many people we noticed the the “Elephant In The Room” in today’s society is the break down of the traditional family. We are now raising a fatherless generation of men and boys. Many boys today are being raised without the presence of a strong role model in their lives which is why we started the It Starts With One Campaign. For every haircut that we provide we donate $1.00 organizations that mentor men and boys throughout the communities we serve.

What’s your policy on products? Try our product in your a hair. Try it wet, try it dry. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with it, too much hold, not enough hold. Bring it back to us at least 80% full and we will find a product to suit your needs.

What’s a taper? A taper is a gradual blend from short to long hair.

Am I allowed to request a grooming professional? Yes, upon booking an appointment your are allowed to request a grooming professional if he or she is available at that time. Our first obligation is to work around your schedule. (REBUTTAL) We provide in house training to all of our service providers. Ensuring the highest standard of excellence from all of our grooming professionals.

What’s a paraffin hand treatment? It’s a warm wax that you dip your hands in. It has essential oils so it’s great for moisturizing  and conditioning your skin.

What are your memberships?  Our memberships are set up to let clients enjoy our facility and experience more often at a discounted rate while receiving additional discounts on products.  Without a membership it can sometimes be very difficult to find an availability.

Do I have to be a member? No, our memberships are set up to let clients enjoy our facility and experience more often at a discounted rate while receiving additional discounts on products.

Do you take walk-ins? We try to accommodate walk-ins but sometimes it’s hard to get an appointment the day of. Most our clients pre-book or call 3-4 days in advance so when they arrive there isn’t any waiting.

What are essential oils? Our essential oils are all-natural and we include them in our paraffin hand-treatment and scalp massages. They are derived from plants or flowers and have different properties such as energizing or relaxing.

Why was Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge created? The Elephant in the Room refers to lack of quality experience-based grooming service providers for men and the lack of authentic mentorship for America’s young boys and men. At the Elephant in the Room we strive to provide a solution to both of these.


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