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Looking for a bald razor fade Tulsa then don’t get afraid to try out the elephant in the room. Where the highest rated and most reviewed men’s salon and all of Oklahoma. The link at the top quality and we give exactly what you’re looking for. We have high company values, and we are strong individuals I can come together to make it an exceptionally amazing team. We are very confident that we can take care of you and give you top quality service because everything we do is amazing. We listen to our customers, look at pictures, and we give them exactly what they wanted. We want to be able to make your life easier and get things done.

We offer huge different variety of different services such as eyebrow waxing, hot towel treatment, being able to have a bald razor fade Tulsa. Take a lot of personal pride in all of our work and we are proud of every haircut. We are very professional and friendly, and professionally staff. We are trained in house so we can make sure that we put out the best quality in every single one of our locations. We love what we do, and we are obsessed with wowing our clients every time they walked in the door. We always have high energy and uplifting and positive attitudes. We are man focused and love that we can help out our community.

Right now if you want to get a bald razor fade Tulsa we can offer your first haircut service elephant in the room for only one dollar. In fact we have 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you can have your one dollar back. I one dollar service immediately you get off of the phone with her life representative that’s personalized take your call. You will talk to them and have a nice conversation and schedule your appointment. You then walk into our building and receiving nice warm welcome followed by a beverage in your hand. We then take you back and have a consultation to find out what services you are wanting and how you’re wanting it done. And then we will give you the award-winning tailored haircut. Matters what you want we can give you exactly what you looking for. Whether you are winning something completely different or a bald razor fade Tulsa we are here for you. We give you a massage and shampoo followed by the condition of massage. They give you your hot towel treatment and facial moisturizer. Then we style units in younger ways he can feel new, fresh, and confident for the rest of your day.

Why only one dollar? Because we donate that one dollar to a nonprofit charity called compassion.com. Compassionate, some amazing nonprofit charity because they give children and Third World companies second chance. They offer life-changing medical care, quality food multiple times a day, shelter, and the ability to learn and go to school. What they do is incredible, they do all this while working in God’s faith in teaching the name of Jesus Christ. We are so honored that we can be a part of something so amazing and as our company continues to grow that we will continue to donate.

If you have any questions, concerns will be free to contact us anytime. We look forward to being able to work with you. If you wanted to schedule an appointment you can always either online or on our phone. You can contact elephant in the room and received your bald razor fade Tulsa at any of our locations. I website is www.eitrlounge.com. And of course if you want to talk to my life representative is personalized take your phone call then our business telephone number is (918)877-2219. We look forward to working with you and give you the best top quality of service.

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