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Getting set up with Barber Shops in Jenks Oklahoma is a very quick and easy process. We make it very quick and easy for you because we want to get in and try our services as soon as it is necessary for you. To make that happen faster, we offer your first haircut with us for just $1. You’re not just getting a crappy haircut though. We want to ensure that you get both an amazing haircut set up with us, as well as a spectacular experience and service that you will be remembering for quite a while. We understand that being memorable is hard to achieve in today’s society, so we make that haircut $1 for you so that you will be more memorable and you will remember us better.

Going in for a haircut at one Barber Shops in Jenks Oklahoma will make you feel spectacular. We have one over on the competition because we offer you more than just an amazing haircut. We offer a variety of experiences such as stuff like our paraffin hand wax treatments which makes your hand super soft and allows you to get rid of any cracks or dry skin or anything in your hands that might be preventing your hands from being properly nourished. You can also go in for other services like an Essential Oil Scalp massage. It’s a peppermint essential oil that makes you smell amazing and is very good for the holidays.

We Barber Shops in Jenks Oklahoma have a good reputation for getting in people for quality services that will be highly reviewed. You can check out our many video testimonials and reviews at elephant in the room by going to our website. You can also check out our Google reviews if you are wanting to double check that you got a haircut that will give you amazing service. Getting an amazing service set up for you is important, so just contact us at elephant in the room today to get set up for that.

If you’re feeling a little bit thirsty wherever you go for your haircut too, you can always ask for a complimentary or one of the complimentary beverages that we provide for all of our customers. We want you to feel very welcome at our place like you’re going into a den with the bros. We want you to feel like you’re a part of not just a group of clients, but an amazing family due to just enjoying getting an amazing haircut and making themselves feel like spectacular and distinguished men.

If becoming a distinguished gentleman is on one of your many priority lists, then just feel free to reach out to us on one of our platforms. You can always contact us via phone at (918) 877-2219 to speak to one of our Representatives directly and get set up for a haircut as well as to answer any questions that you might have concerning what kind of haircut you would need or want to get set up with. You can also reach out to us via our website if you are not feeling like you want to talk with someone. You can reach out to us at eitrlounge.com where you will send in a web inquiry to get set up for that haircut for $1.

Barber Shops in Jenks Oklahoma | Ask For Our Lead Stylists!

Getting set up with an amazing haircut is very easy to do at Barber Shops in Jenks Oklahoma. In case you need to get set up very quickly, you can always reach out to us via phone and get set up as quickly as possible. However, if you are someone who enjoys setting up appointments in the future. We are a pre-booking lounge so we would love to get you booked out whenever is convenient for both you and us. We have 4,000 members and Counting who loved us from the minute they got their one-dollar haircut. They loved us because they understand that our stylists are all trained in-house with lead stylists to have been in the business for many many years and will be able to get them set up with spectacular haircuts, beer trims, brow waxes, and anything else that you’re needing to get set up with.

Another thing you can do whenever you go into the elephant in the room Men’s Grooming Lounge Barber Shops in Jenks Oklahoma is you can go and try one of our beard trim services. Beard trims are very important to people who have quite the stash or quite the beard. Having a scraggly beard is unsightly and is an Abomination to humanity, so we want to ensure that your beard is always looking Tip Top for the people that you love and for the people you want to impress. If you think that a beard trim would be very helpful to get set up with, then you can call us to get set up for an appointment with a beard trims professional.

Knowing which Barber Shops in Jenks Oklahoma is key to ensuring that your hair gets taken care of and that you feel like a distinguished gentleman. You don’t want to go to some run-of-the-mill place that will not give you a spectacular, tailored service to the elephant in the room elephant in room always consult with you before every appointment to make sure that your hairstyle is both current and that we are up to speed with what you want your haircut to end up looking like. We know that haircuts are more than just going and getting a haircut and leaving.

We have said it before, and we will say it again. Our first haircut with us would still be just $1. We end up donating the $1 that you give to us to compassion international, which is an amazing Organization for children that are in need. They give amazing things to children that are in need like food, they give shelter to kids and give amazing places for them to stay. If you like a business that is more than just a business, but that reaches out and gives back to the community, then feel free to reach out to us.

If one of our services interests you, then feel free to reach out to us via one of our platforms. You can always try and contact us by phone at (918) 877-2219 and get set up for that $1 haircut that way. You can text that same phone number if you were wanting to follow up and make sure that we reached out to you to get that haircut set up. You can also contact us by our website if you are so inclined at eitrlounge.com because then you will be able to fill out more information quickly and get that process expedited.

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