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We wanted to produce something that was much more just a Beard Trim Jenks, we aimed to do was to provide an experience unlike any that anybody who came to us have experienced in the past. We knew that there were not a lot of companies out there providing a next level expense while simultaneously being able to give back at each and every opportunity that presented itself. We really believe that there are always different types of opportunities but not everybody takes advantage of them and not everybody is constantly looking for an opportunity to serve.

The Beard Trim Jenks place that we have started does both of these things. We have a rich history of starting up companies that really aim to please on every level possible. We like to call it firing on all cylinders. There are so many companies and so many employees of those companies who not follow this ideology. That being said, that was fine with us because it presented itself an opportunity for us to shine. We have founded so many different successful companies and we know the recipe for success that is necessary to perform at the next level.

Our team cannot only provide a Beard Trim Jenks, but we bring to the table so much more than that. You see, history that we have is rooted in not only successes but also in failures. You really cannot accomplish much in this life until you have filled at least a few times. We believe the statement to be true to its very core. However, we also believe that there are different situations that you should look for to learn from the mistakes that others have already made. This will allow you to advance further and to take the steps necessary to become exactly you want to be.

We started off with just a vision, a vision that we could transform the entire men’s grooming experience that everybody had come to know. We really strive to produce a turnkey income producing franchise but this is not as easy of a task as some might think. It took a lot of work and a lot of man hours is up and running but it was worth every minute of it. Not only have we strive to be the best but we had accomplished this goal and we see this as a source of inspiration for a lot of people, including a lot of the customers that we have.

We were created so that we could focus on the men’s grooming experience. But, if this is all that we had it would be empty and meaningless. This is the very reason that we love to give back different organizations that actually help people. This is the way in which we are able to help. Again, we’re looking for all different opportunities to constantly help people and to make our mark on this world in a positive way. Thus far we have been successful in doing this but there is always improvement, just like there is always room for you to find somebody who will do a better job on your haircut.

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