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We’re so excited to tell you that elephant in the room is duh Best Barbershops Broken Arrow. That is why you should’ve come by and check us out. We are definitely the greatest at giving men’s haircuts. When you come in it’s actually more of an experience than just a haircut. You get a full package. We also have very good prices so you can stay looking your best by coming in and getting a haircut here. And without spending too much on looking amazing. We have memberships or non-memberships but if you do have a membership it is a discounted price. That’s why we recommend you getting a membership. So you get all the benefits and that you get all the discounts that we offer through the year and the month.

Best Barbershops Broken Arrow call Estefania the elephant in the room and because so we do strive perfection in excellence for my stuff when it comes to our services. So when you come in you will experience the most amazing men’s grooming lounge in Oklahoma. We are excited to be in your area of Broken Arrow. So just come in today and for your first time it will only be one dollar and another great thing we do here at Allison in the room is that we donate the one dollar to charity that helps kids in Third World countries find shelter, food and have access to great education. so when you come in for the first time your dollar is going to go far.

Elephant in the room offers so many great benefits for their members. We do not offer just a tailored haircut to your liking, but when you do come in we offer scalp massage, a hot towel, face moisturizer and a massage, and a face scrub, and you can also get your hair styled and get a beverage of your liking. This is all included in our membership packages and it’s a monthly membership so that you stay consistent with getting your haircut and looking great. That is why we believed that we are indeed the Best Barbershops Broken Arrow. Even for the one dollar haircut your first haircut that you come in you’ll get this amazing service. You can also do add-ons for hand treatment, essential oils for massage, and razor service. so no matter why your needs are we have it all shared elephant in the room. So make sure you get that first appointment booked for only one dollar so you can start filling your best and looking your best today.

You can come by and relax with a head massage for one dollar I cannot stress this enough how great this deal is. If you’re having a stressful day just give us a call come in and we will take care of your haircut and make sure you’re getting pampered so you can relax and have a great day.

If you’re ready to get started I phone number is 833-348-7669. You can also text us at this phone number. You can also look online on our website by just clicking a book online on the top of our website.https://eitrlounge.com/

Best Barbershops Broken Arrow | Mens Hair Is Important.

Best Barbershops Broken Arrow it’s not hard to find because elephant in the room is in broken Arrow. We strive to give you the best services and that is why we are the highest rated and most reviewed men’s grooming experience in the state of Oklahoma. We have thousands of five star reviews from our members in past clients. We offer a multitude of services so when you come in don’t just expect a haircut you Will get much more than dad. We offer anything from scalp massages to hand wax, to eyebrow wax and much more. We also offer a face scrub and a face massage. So you are able to get a full experience here at our grooming lounge, at elephant in the room. We also have great prices so when you come in you will deathly not be disappointed of either being too costly or having a bad service. We have it all here at elephant in the room. Great prices and amazing services.

Because we are so confident you will love our services we offer the first appointment as mentioned before for one dollar. Here at elephant in the room we are confident you will love our services and want to come back. That is why we offer this service so you can come see for yourself why we are the Best Barbershops Broken Arrow. For only one dollar you can experience our amazing services today. So do not hesitate and give us a call to book your appointment today and you can start looking good and having a great haircut and beard trims all the time. We want you to know that we also have amazing customer service and our staff is highly trained so you’ll never be disappointed. That is why you should definitely book your first appointment for only one dollar today.

Best Barbershops Broken Arrow is definitely what we want to be known as and we are definitely on the right track with all of our happy customers. When you come to elephant in the room you will feel like you are in paradise Jose because we offer such amazing services and you can relax and enjoy your time here at elephant in the room. We take our time with each client to make sure their needs are met when it comes to what they want their haircut and beard trim to look like. We also offer face scrubs and face massages so if you are interested in that you are definitely in the right place.

Here at elephant in the room our services are tailored to men who love to look good every day and also want the best services for their money. That is why we have so many members and so many customers a day in and day out.

If you’re ready to start feeling and looking amazing please do give us a call. Our phone number is 833-348-7669. You can also text or phone number to get you set up with an appointment. Or you can simply just go to our website and say fuck online or schedule your one dollar first haircut. https://eitrlounge.com/

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