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If you are in search of and looking for the best fade in Tulsa, then elephant in the room is the place to go. We think that you’ll be very happy to know that we had the highest rated and most revered men salon and all of Oklahoma. We are excited to be able to work with you and being able to give you the best award-winning tailored haircut. We are very confident that we can take excellent care of you. Everything we do is absolutely amazing we listen to our customers and give them exactly what they want. Our goal is to make your life easier. We believe in getting things done quickly and efficiently. That’s why we only want to get your haircut serviced line about 30 minutes. The reason why because we know that you are very busy and we want to make sure that you can get back to you the rest your day. Elephant in the room takes very close attention to detail. We care about everything.

In fact elephant in the room has worked diligently to create the ultimate man cave experience if you looking for the best fade until so this is where it’s at. It starts with our rustic barn where environment and we only have the best music, Decorah, smells, staff training, ambience Cama and of course the perfect man size barber chair. Will make sure that you feel absolutely comfortable in our environment so we can provide you the best service possible.

You’ll find that our staff is very friendly, and professional. We have personal pride in everything that we do, and we love what we do. You’re very high energetic and have it very uplifting, and positive attitude. We want to be able to help create the perfect environment for you to feel welcomed, and accepted. We have in-house staff training. We do this so we can have the best quality in every single location. Therefore you’re going to the location for convenience not rather than quality.

If this is your first time getting the best fade in Tulsa at elephant in the room then we will take a haircut serviced down to only one dollar. This is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your one dollar back. Your first service starts the second walk and I door and received a nice and warm welcoming environment along with a beverage in your hand. We immediately make it feel like home say can start your relaxing. We start consultation to see what services you are winning and see what we can provide for you today. We then give you the best award-winning tailored haircut as promised. Shampoo massage, followed by a condition massage a hot towel treatment and face moisturizer. We then style you say can leave here looking confident, fresh, renewed and ready to take on the rest your day.

If you have any questions comments concerns or you ready to schedule your free appointment. You can contact elephant in the room and schedule your appointment on our website and our telephone number. We look forward to working with you you need the best top-quality of service. In always contact elephant in the room by our website. Our website is elephant website. Of course if you’d rather touch our personalized live representative ready to take your phone call you can always contact us by our business telephone number. That is elephant phone number. We look forward to working with you and giving you the best of the best.

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