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elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge is the absolute best man salon broken arrow! We are the highest recommended Best Mens Salon in Broken Arrow and surrounding areas. We give you the ultimate experience the releases you on a joyride of satisfaction. Try your first haircut with us for only one dollars. You can apply for your very first haircut for only one dollar on our website or you can even do a walk into one of our nearby stores near you. We always give our clients the utmost respect in the most phenomenal tailored haircuts that they could ask for.

We are the best man salon in broken arrow because we have been able to provided experience for our clients that none of our competitors pass. You get the experience, you get the Best Mens Salon in Broken Arrow tailored haircut, and last not least you to save yourself time. None of our haircuts at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge however go over a 30 minute window. Some of our other services like eyebrow wax or beard trim will save even more time because they do not exceed a 15 minute window. We strategically planned our haircuts and are beard trims the way that we do so that we can save our clients more time. That is super awesome, we offer you more services, better quality, for less time. We are always looking for more ways to be the most outstanding version of ourselves for you.

None of our competitors could ever say that they are the Best Mens Salon in Broken Arrow since we came on the scene. We have been able to dominate the men’s salon haircut industry by becoming the top recommended salon is a Tulsa and surrounding areas. Our experience overshadows any of our competitors by a long shot. We are a five-star man salon that has the most reviews that are actually positive due to our clients experience with us inside of our shops. Feel free to explore the many of services that we offer there so great. People absolutely love the way that they are treated so much better at elephant and the room men’s grooming lounge. We make sure that we give you the most neat haircuts we also make sure that your hair is always fresh and clean prior to us giving the style.

The elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge we always make sure that your experience with us is the best that anyone could ever offer you. We will continue to come a ways to wow our customers each and every day. We were never allow ourselves to slack in the quality of service and experience that we have already started off as the standard. When you come up for our shops you always receive a shampoo and a conditioner both with a massage, a hot towel, a beverage during the timeframe of your appointment, it and excited and happy staff ready to make you look new again as well as your outstanding, award-winning, crisp and neat, tailored haircut.

If you are new to elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge in your excited about your first experience and you are in need of a haircut give us a call today at 833-348-7669 or visit our website today and put online with us for your one dollar haircut at eitrlounge.com

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