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Bixby Haircuts: Best Hair Fades Near Bixby

This content was written for Elephant In The Room.

Are you looking for more than just a haircut? Are you looking for an experienced paste haircut? If so, you need to try elephant in the room. Elephant in the room is the best option for Bixby haircuts. they have skilled grooming professionals. They have excellent Barbers and great cosmetologist. They offer more than just a haircut. They began in downtown Tulsa but are now expanding to Bixby. You need to book an appointment as soon as possible by calling their call center at 918-877-2219. if you want to get the best fade you have received you need to call elephant in the room. They are an experienced Based Men’s Grooming Lounge. They offer a variety of services from tailored haircuts, to Precision shapes, to beard trimmed or even mini facials. if you want to leave the shop looking like a celebrity, you need to go to elephant in the room. They’re skilled and knowledgeable staff will help you to get the best look and products for the style you are trying to achieve! There are several locations. there is a location in downtown Tulsa. There is a location in South Tulsa. And there is a location in Broken Arrow. Bixby is our newest location- so you can get the best Bixby haircuts. You will want to book as soon as possible, as this location is going to be our busiest. With a new shop opening in Bixby, elephant in the room will be the location known for the best Bixby haircuts for men. what you are looking to maintain a long style, looking to shorten your current style, or looking to maintain a high and tight or a bald fade, elephant in the room is the right choice for you. We do offer some hair coloring services. We offer a grey blend, which is a subtle transition from grey to your previous natural hair color. this is a great option for businessman. It keeps you
looking young while not looking like you just freshly got your hair colored. It typically washes out about 4 to 6 weeks out. so there is no awkward go out either. Elephant in the room has been providing men with excellent haircut and great experiences for several years and the Tulsa area. With the new shop expanding to Bixby we are hoping to reach many more clients. If you have never been into elephant in the room before we offer a $1 special for your first time in. It includes a full Deluxe experience. We offer the special, because we are so sure that you are going to love the experience that we want to get you in the door for just $1! all you have to do is reference the offer online when you are booking the appointment or at checkout, and you will receive your entire package for a dollar. the package is normally $46! how can you say no? If you would like to book an appointment today for elephant in the room to get your first experience paste Men’s Grooming Lounge experience, you can call our call center. This call center covers all four stores. We don’t keep phones on the floor, since that would not be very relaxing for your experience, so make sure you call the elephant in the room call center at 918-877-2219.

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