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A Great Men’s Experience

This article was written for Elephant in the Room.

If you’re looking for a great haircut experience there’s only one shop in town thinking cater to your specific needs. Elephant in the Room specializes in offering Bixby mens haircuts with an experience on a membership basis. They do offer walk-ins but after just one visit it’s easy to see why the membership is the right choice for you. They specialize in getting you in and out in a timely manner while packing in several amenities. To make your appointment or check out any additional services they have to offer make sure to give them a call and 918-877-2219.

is a haircut experience unlike any that is offered in the Paulson Metro area. They cater specifically to the needs and wants of men who try to maintain a fashionable outward appearance. Their haircuts give you more confidence, a slick look and leave you feeling refreshed. They offer many services depending on membership level. They also offer a free drink when you walk in the door ranging from coffee, soda and beer. They have sports playing on the TV so you can keep up with the latest stats.

Each one of their packages comes with a basic set of immunities. A few of these immunities consist of a consultation, beverage, tailored haircut and a hot towel. These are just a few things that will leave you feeling extremely clean after your appointment is done. They offer three unique membership packages that very in the amount of add-ons you can choose an percentage off of their products. This is a great place for a man to fill taking care of and pampered during his busy work week.

Some of their add-ons range from; paraffin hand treatment, essential oil scalp massage, nape shave, and face scrub. There is no other Bixby men’s haircut that offers a variety of amenities like that of Elephant. They specialize in making them feel comfortable and at home during their haircut experience. They also offer a wide variety of products to help you maintain your style for days after your haircut until the next. These are great products that you can only find at Elephant in the Room. They offer haircare products, men’s shavers and even a great selection of clothing. They have two locations in the Tulsa Metro area. As a member you have access to both of these great locations.

There are many benefits of becoming a member of Elephant in the Room. You’re guaranteed to get the best that there is to offer when it comes to Bixby men’s haircuts. They have created a unique atmosphere that can be found anywhere else in his exclusive to its members. Although they do accept walk-ins their most popular package, Deluxe, offers you amazing savings and 10% off all of their products. This will be a service that you referred time and time again to all of your friends and family.

The Men’s Only Experience

This article was written for Elephant in the Room.

There is only one place to go when you’re looking for the best Bixby man’s haircuts. Elephant in the Room has created a once in a lifetime membership experience for people who desire to get their hair cut and facial hair trimmed in style. This is for men who are looking to get a fresh cut without the hassle of remembering to make the appointment or pay for it. They offer monthly memberships that deduct automatically once a month. These memberships offer different add-ons based on one of the three packages you have. To see how these services can take your outward appearance to the next level give them a call at 918-877-2219.

This is an experience that you will rely on for many years for your style. The train professionals at Else in the Room are dedicated to staying at the forefront of creativity in men’s style. They specialize in hair of all links and texture and even straight razor shaves. This is a place that a man can go to to get taking care of and feel completely confident and comfortable. This is an atmosphere that is not a cheesy replication of the sports bar or fast food restaurant. This is a boutique men’s barbershop that caters to the specific needs of trendy guys.

Depending on the type of membership you have with Elephant in the Room decides the type of service that you get. Although they offer their services to those on a walk-in basis who wish to get a great haircut you get far more with the membership. Not only do you get a discount on the standard haircut but you also get additional amenities for free. On top of that they give you a 10 to 15% off discount on all of their products in-house. They offer some of the best men’s hair care, straight razors and accessories that you can find around town.

Great Bixby men’s haircuts are few and far between. Don’t settle for five dollar haircut and a hack job for the next two weeks. Spend your money wisely and use one of the trained grooming professionals at Elephant in the Room. There dedicated to stay on top of current trends and styles that are suitable no matter what style of life you live. They also have many great facial groomers that you can trust with your beard. It is not easy to let just anyone trim your beard that you have spent months and months to growing. These trained grooming professionals specialize in providing you with a comfortable experience that will keep you looking trendy for weeks to come.

The members also get a view free additional services throughout the week. On Tuesdays you can go in and get your net cleaned up for free, just pop in any time. Upon walking in each time you sit down to get ground you will be handed a beverage of your choice. You will also be able to check out many sports on the great TVs that are located right above the chairs. This is a for men only experience that unique to the men of Tulsa. They specialize in taking care of you, making you feel confident and comfortable throughout your grooming process. Don’t waste your time going into some fancy shop full of women when you can come to a place that makes you feel right at home is a man.

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