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Bixby Mens Haircuts: Men’s Style In Bixby

This content was written for Elephant In The Room.

Where is your go-to place for Bixby mens haircuts?  if you did not say elephant in the room Men’s Grooming Lounge, you definitely have the wrong answer.  Elephant in the room Men’s Grooming Lounge is Tulsa’s Premier location for Men’s Grooming.  if you have never tried up elephant in the room, you should give them a call today to set up your first appointment. The elephant in the room call center is 918-877-2219.

if you are looking for the best place to get Bixby men’s haircuts,  and you are very concerned about the end result of your haircut, you should definitely give elephant in the room Men’s Grooming Lounge a call.  Elephant in the room is a trusted name in the Tulsa area, and has been for years!  their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly!  All of the grooming professionals on the floor, in addition to going to school to be a barber or a cosmetologist, go through extensive training before they are floor ready for elephant in the room.  we want our clients to have the best experience possible.  We don’t like cut redo’s.  we like to completely satisfy the client the first time around!

If you are a male and you are 12 years  or older, looking for a haircut in the Bixby area, Elephant in the room is the place for you.  they are the best option for Bixby mens haircuts.  The Grooming professionals at elephant in the room are great with all hair textures and types.  If you have African American hair, or Native American hair, or Asian hair, or very fine hair,we are confident we can get you taken care of!  We offer several services, to accommodate all types of styles.  we offer Razor services. You are able to get a razor hair line service, which will give you a very straight clean hairline.  You are able to get a hard part,  which is a very classy look, especially if you are going for a look like a pompadour.  you are also able to get a nape shave, which is also a razor service.  A nape shave is a great option for the modern business man. It keeps your neck line looking very clean after your  hair has begun to grow out.

if you are looking for a great gift for the men in your life this holiday season, elephant in the room has just the thing.  They have excellent hair products, as well as great shaving tools. They also have wallets, backpack, socks  as well as cologne,  and leather eyeglass cases.  Additionally, we offer gift cards and gift certificates.  You can purchase gift cards and gift certificates for a dollar amount or for a specific service,  you can pick up a little item to go with the gift certificate while you are in store, too!

If you would like to make an appointment today, you can call the call center for elephant in the room. They are waiting and eager to take your call! Whether this is your first time in or you are a repeat customer, we would love to hear from you!  give us a call at the elephant in the room call center at 918-877-2219.

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