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What a Man Wants

This article was written for Elephant in the Room.

Have you ever thought it’s just a little unfair that all of the attention is paid to women whenever it comes to grooming experiences? If you’re looking for Bixby men’s haircut that stands out from any other service in the metro area you’re in the right place. When it comes to providing a service that is only for men and for all of the attention that women have previously gotten there is only one place. That places Elephant room in their dedicated to providing a men’s only haircut experience that is next to none. If you are interested in a service like this don’t hesitate to book an appointment at 918-877-2219.

There are a few different aspects of this company is sick out for many other grooming service in the Tulsa Metro area. First off, it is a men’s only barbershop experience that is dedicated to providing men with the needs and wants they have when it comes to their style. They offer a few different services besides standard haircut to provide men with the utmost care. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you deserve any less attention to your style than a woman. This barbershop you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy an essential scalp massage, facial and even a hand massage. Not only that but you will be able to enjoy a cold beer, soda or hot coffee as you do so.

Another one of the unique aspects is the fact that they offer a membership. This is unheard of whenever it comes to men’s grooming services or any type of other haircut service offered. This is undoubtably why it is the best Bixby men’s haircut around. Not only will he be able to enjoy a few extra services and a beverage of your choice but you will be able to do so with the comfort of auto draft payments. This will allow you to never have to stand in line again before or after your haircut. You will simply be able to walk right in, sit down to an open chair and walked right out after your appointment is finished. You will be surprised that the ease and comfort this adds to getting your hair cut on a monthly basis.

Along with their variety of services and membership packages they offer an amazing selection of both online and in-house products. Their product range in variety to accommodate the needs of every man. They have amazing selections and hair care products to keep a stylish and looking great in between your appointments. They also have their own personal brand beard oil that will leave any beard. Even for those guys with no facial hair they offer some of the most unique straight razors and precision shavers available on the market. If you never ventured into the world of precision shavers or straight razors and they will be more than glad to show you a little bit of technique and guidance along the way.

Not only is this a great service for any man it’s a service that is essential for every man who desire so look good. There are few ways that a man can truly get what he wants when it comes to getting his grooming needs taken care of. This is the best way to keep you looking gray on a monthly basis with all of the ease and comfort of a membership. Not only that but you will be in one of the most stylish urban atmospheres that Scott Gray’s sports playing on big-screen TVs. Don’t hesitate to check out all they have to offer online or by giving their customer service center a call today.

Epic Haircuts for Guys

This article was written for Elephant in the Room.

If you’re looking for at a character that is uniquely created just for a guiding you need the services provided by Elephant in the Room. They are the premier provider for Bixby men’s haircut. Not only can you get astonishing haircuts from this establishment but you will get a total package whenever it comes to overall style. They are the specialists whenever it comes to providing men with precision haircuts, precision saves and doing it with all of the unique accommodations of the membership. If you are ready to begin next appointment at Elephant in the Room and receive one of the best Bixby men’s haircuts in town pick up the phone and dialed 918-877-2219.

Whenever you check out the services provided by Elephant in the Room you’ll have access to so much more than just a great haircut. Since the day they opened their doors they have been helping men with their absolute best for maintaining a classy style. For men maintaining a great style is so much more than a haircut. It involves everything in between your ears from your neck to the top. Whenever you need a little care paid to your facial hair they know just how to treat it. They take the most care whenever it comes to providing guys with an extremely close shave. Whenever a guy has a really close shave is able to get really close to the special ladies in his life.

That’s just one of the great things that comes along with getting your hair cut it Elephant in the Room. One of the next ways that you will be able to notice that they provide excellent services for guys this through the unique attribute of a membership. By getting a membership to Elephant in the Room you’ll have access to so much more than the standard haircut and a simple barbershop atmosphere. You will have access to the most trained professionals whenever it comes to grooming excellence along with all the amenities that a modern man needs to maintain a classic style. Even if you desire little bit more of a modern lifestyle than the classic they are surely able to accommodate you.

The notice whenever you step right into their shop that you will step into a classic atmosphere of the barbershop there has been updated to meet the modern needs of today’s man. Although the barbershop shares may be the same the grooming professional standing behind them are radically different. They are continuously training in their own craft to provide you with the most precise haircut. Not only that but they will give you one of the best precision shapes you’ve ever had in your life. Your skin is only did the soft on the day you were born. Everything after that was a lie whenever it comes to smooth skin.

Don’t trust just anyone whenever they grabbed a pair of scissors or pair of shears and step behind your head. Whenever it comes to getting your style and it deserves to be done by an absolute master. If you’re ready for an epic haircut that is uniquely for men don’t hesitate to check out what Elephant in the Room has to offer. They’ve been helping men all around the Bixby area look amazing and keep their style under control since day one. If you’re ready to utilize this amazing service whenever you call don’t forget to mention that it will be your first time. That’ll give you access to an amazing haircut for just one dollar.

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