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Give us a shot here at broken arrow men’s salon by the name of elephant in the room is going on. Here we are dedicated to always providing the best customer service as well as a great haircut for men not only in Tolson but all across the state. So if you are looking for a greater place in broken arrow or place close to Wagner we can deftly turn to our broken arrow location which is located near the broken arrow Expressway. Also it’s a great place to be able to go to save her looking to be able to go out on the weekend that you be able to go in town for haircut and you can because at 918-877-2219. There will be able to schedule you for morning or afternoon I we are open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday closed on Sundays.

We are open shop is open until 7 o’clock. So if you want to be on the schedule out in advance maybe you know you can be in town and you want to be able to schedule an appointment with us here at often the instrument lounge please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and one of our call representatives at our call center will be able to get in touch with you get back appointed but that whatever location works best for you whether via broken arrow Tulsa downtown Tulsa South Tulsa or Oakland city locations we take care of it all here at her call center.

So are you looking for a broken arrow men’s salon? Are you looking for great experience that will have with a energized as well as conversationalist hairstylist who is not going to look at you or not speak to you because they are in a bad mood and you want also have a high energy with your stylus that you love and will actually do a consultation with every haircut to make sure that they get you exactly what you want? In concert elephant in the room and screaming lunch. We do everything that I just sent. That is a promise that is a guarantee and for first-time customers if you have never been into the lunch before and this is your first time you can execute your first haircut for only one dollar.

This will enable you to be at least take our standard membership for test drive to see if it’s really worth paying for every month with no contract they’ll just go to one place and you cannot go to all of our locations because we train all her grooming professionals in house so all of the location stylus no matter where you go in broken arrow South Ulster downtown Tulsa are altering the Saints he get the same experience every time.

Once you try elephant in the room broken arrow men’s salon once you and I want to go anywhere else. They are the permit place to go and they will impress you hands down and you will tell all your friends and family father’s uncles brothers sons about this place and be able to also get their first haircut for a dollar. If it is your first time take advantage of this first offer and if you haven’t been to the into the lounge in a long time you can actually get a promotion and we have going on right now we can actually get a haircut for only five dollars. You can do whatever he wants a cause now I’m on phone or go to www.eitrlounge.com today.

How Can You Contact This Broken Arrow Men’s Salon?

We have everything you want here at Broken Arrow Men’s Salon into the room instrument connected provide straight razor shades haircut fades beer trends and so much more. We have a number of premium memberships that will tell you more information about seeking an idea of what were able to offer you to see if you want to sign up for one of our memberships. And our memberships are not that excited. We can actually be able to save money every month because you’re getting her membership to the discounted rate. Then you’ll be able to come into the shop whenever or how often you wont be able to get on a membership and letting can do standard premium or even our deluxe membership and be able to use it every month and not have to worry about any kind of contracts if you want to be able to cancel you can cancel at any time.

So broken arrow men’s salon is everything you want because you want to be able to decently one of even the appearance and listen to nice investment is that we can do it over here to help in the remains coming out that it’s something so you would everyone be able to do because the enemy packaged care. Now if anything is in between we can actually help you out with blood really that as well. If you want to be able to do that. To give his quality get you what you need to be able to close it is to be able to get you to the place we can and pressure level and pressure govern pressure wife and by looking fresh. So that’s what one if that’s what you are looking at you think it’s called now would not be able help you.

Broken arrow men’s salon is by the name of elephant in the room and screaming lunch and where actually having you stand out amongst the other for your friends your fathers your mother’s and making sure they really do stand up haircut negotiating exactly which one. So that is what you wanted to get them to give us call now.

But as to the test it out the room and screaming lunch is one of the top barbershops in the area from insolence but Wagner’s office and even on Oakland city. Something you think you really need to be able to at least be able to get more information about safe whether or not it can be best if you today. I presume and make sure they were able to at least you know how you put us in a test that is where actually offering your first haircut for only one dollar. If you like a strengthening exercise one of our memberships we can actually get a membership at for month-to-month no contract and you can actually get it for a discounted rate rather than having to come back I was at a membership. Also if you do not experience we’d be more than happy to remedy it.

But it’s ultimately issued his first haircut for Dell is really just be able to take us for a test drive seek actually be coming back to continue to go to your run-of-the-mill haircut place where the girls going to talk to you or you are like the girls are always flirting with you and never having genuine conversation with you. That’s not more about here at often the room instrument letter always about making sure the over handling of customer service and was operating with the highest level of integrity and honesty make sure that when you walk in the shop to be greeted with a smile. To reach out to survey and dial the number 918-877-2219 or go to www.eitrlounge.com book your appointment now.

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