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Figuring out where to go for Broken Arrow Mens Salon has never been easier than now. You’re an elephant in the room we make it easy for you to decide where to go for your first time getting a haircut. You’re an elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge we offer a one-dollar haircut for all of our new members first time! It’s a great deal to get you in our doors you can experience a legendary service each and every time you keep coming back! We can’t wait for you to meet our Broken Arrow Men’s Salon service professionals and come in to any of our five locations near here.

Elephant in the room has locations in Broken Arrow Men’s Salon and also other locations. I’ll of in the room has five total locations. There are three locations in Tulsa and this rounding areas. There are two locations in Oklahoma City. So whether you’re in Tulsa, or Oklahoma City would be more than happy to serve you. If it’s your first time we’d love to hear from you and how you heard about us. Feel free to take advantage of a one dollar haircut at any of these five locations. It’s a great deal and a great way for you to get to experience what premium men’s grooming can be like an elephant in the room!

Elephant in the room is the best Broken Arrow Men’s Salon. But don’t just take that from us take it from any of our reading/reviews. If you go online you’ll notice that elephant in the road has a plethora of five-star reviews. Those five-star reviews and all of those ratings account for the most and highest ratings by any men’s grooming service in all of Oklahoma! Now that’s saying something! It’s saying that any place with that many reviews and that many five-star ratings Hass to be the best in the business. And they would be correct in saying that.

If you’re still skeptical about elephant in the room, any of our services, or anything in general about elephant in the room it’s OK! We understand that it’s a big deal to trust somebody with your hair. Especially for the first time. That’s why we have the promotion and play for your first haircut to be one dollar. That’s also why we’ve been in business for 12 years and have trained professionals cutting your hair giving you the best-individualized experience for you.

If you still have down to you may just have to come to try it out for yourself. You can do so by booking an appointment. You can book online after lounge.com or you can give us a phone call at 833-348-7669. Thank you for choosing elephant in the room as your premiere grooming service. It would be our pleasure to serve you at any of our five locations. We can’t wait for you to experience what luxury is like you’re an elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge!

Broken Arrow Men’s Salon | Finding The Best Salon For You

If you’re looking for the best Broken Arrow Men’s Salon. Elephant in the room is a place for you. Elephants on the room provide vitality care for each and every person that walks through a door. We provide the most personalized, individual, and overall best experience for every man! Doesn’t matter if it’s your first time, or you’re a premium member. We treat all of our men the exact same. And in doing that we ensure a quality haircut for each person each time. In doing so elephant in the room promotes a quality haircut environment every time!

Are you having difficulties locating Broken Arrow Men’s Salon? No need to worry here at elephant in the room we have five convenient locations. Those locations can be found in and around Tulsa and Oklahoma City. If you’re looking for directions feel free to give us a call and we’d be more than happy to provide directions. Or you can look us up on our website which will also have useful information on how to get to any of our facilities. No matter how you get here or how you heard about us we’re just happy you’re here.

Figuring out the best Broken Arrow Men’s Salon doesn’t get any easier than it is right now. Right now here at elephant in the room, we’re offering a one-dollar promotion. That kind of awesome promotion is available for all of our first-time customers. This way all of our first-time customers can experience the best quality haircut that our members and men that come in all the time get to experience every single time. If you’re wanting to experience some thing like this every time that you come in feel free to visit any of our five locations we’d love to have you here!

We promise you that you will love the quality of the haircut here at elephant in the room Allison in the room specializes in quality haircuts every time. We can’t wait for you to experience your first quality haircut here with us! Additionally, if you need any other services than just a haircut we offer those two! By the way be it a beard trim, brow wax, or anything in between we’re here to offer you the best personalize service that a man can get you an elephant in the room. When you’re ready to book your first appointment will be here waiting for you!

Are you loving what you hear? Are you ready to book your first appointment? Well, that’s fantastic! We’re ready for you to book your first appointment. You can do so by visiting our website at eitrlounge.com or you can do so by giving us a call at 833-348-7669. Thank you so much for choosing elephant in the room as your men’s grooming lounge again and again! We hope that your first experience provides memorable and lasting impressions that will stay with you for your next visit and every visit after that.

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