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Yes, there is an amazing man salon in broken arrow and it’s called Elephant in the Room. The elephant in the Room is to be the best broken arrow men’s salons that you’ve ever been to. We make sure that we provide great customer service for everyone who walks through the door. You’ll be able to get services that you won’t be able to get anywhere else to go ahead and give us a try. We would love to have you in and provide you with services that you have never experienced. You will be able to try something new and experienced something new and you will love every minute of it. We are practically spoiling and pampering anybody who walks through the door so if you love to be pampered and let us pamper you.

Whenever you come into her shop we will be able to provide you with services like a hot towel, scalp massage, a paraffin hand treatment, and even if a scribe if you want it. We have the services in place that way you can have a chance to relax. A lot of our clients coming after work and that’s the perfect time to get a haircut from us because you are going to be completely relaxed by the time to finish her appointment. We are able to be every other Broken Arrow Men’s Salons in the area because we make sure that we take customer service at a high priority. We are committed to making sure that your experience is a great one so let us be able to do that.

Whatever type of haircut that you want you can be happy to know that our stylists are committed and able to provide you with a haircut that you want. We do the best job compared to everyone else in the areas of go ahead and come in and get a haircut with us and receive the best haircut you’ve ever had. We have had plenty of clients come in and say that we provided the best haircut of their lives so come in an experience that kind of greatness. We would love to have you in some time. Compared to every other Broken Arrow Men’s Salons we send out because we offer amazing services, we had amazing stylists, and we have a great atmosphere.

If this sounds like the place that you want to get your hair cut at I highly recommend that you go on our website@EITRLounge.com and schedule an appointment for yourself. We have multiple ways we can set up an appointment. We went you know all the ways to get in on the books. You’ll be able to text, email, call us, or book an appointment for yourself on our website. Whatever works for you we are going to make sure that we get in on the books. We would love to have you and sometimes I go ahead and schedule your first one haircut anytime.

Like I said earlier, you can easily go on our website@EITRLounge.com or give us 833-EITR-NOW and we will be able to set up an appointment for you.

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