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Sign up for membership here at elephant in the room broken arrow. We are the premier place to go for men’s hair cut and we are also Oklahoma’s highest rated and most reviewed men salon in the area. We take solely take care and have men’s haircuts where we can do straight razors. Trims and so much more we can also do a beard page you can also do whatever it is you’re the fourth if you’re being able to maybe one of you get a certain style maybe when you mohawk or maybe just to be able to shave your head and we also get a great start massage at the same time and to develop in the room today.

Elephant in the room broken arrow is deafly the premier place to go especially if you are close to the broken arrow expressing or even close to Coweta and you’re looking for great hair place to go. Maybe your current salon is not open to to the weather or due to the coronavirus and you’re tired of having to sit around watching your hair grow out and you want to be able to look fresh for your new job or for your new girlfriend call us today.

We love to be able to take care of you and also tell you more about our on the ships that we carry where you can actually get memberships and a discounted rate if you are interested. Outlay is gone and you are one of our shuttle anyone our shops as a times during the month as you want and only pay one price a month. That will be able to anytime and see the money so that you can actually guestbook with elephant in the room for morning or afternoon whatever works best for you and we’d be happy to get you back into our shops whether you’re just looking for free cleanup near trance or you’re looking to do something completely different with your hairstyle.

Reach out to yesterday and also schedule your first haircut for only one dollar and also on this give you a chance as a new customer and be able to see the elephant the romance haircut experience as well as get to some of our great stylist that we have and shop. And what’s great about our services that will no matter what location they are at the train all her grooming professionals in house and they get the exact same training so you can go to any one location and get the same haircut experience.

So call elephant in the room broken arrow can sign up for membership you can either go with a standard deluxe or premium memberships. You can get these at a discounted rate as well. Also if you are first responder you get 50% off your membership because as of thank you to us for serving our community or serving in the military. Call us at 918-877-2219 or go to www.eitrlounge.com today for more detailed information about how to get started or just to set up in appointment in advance for a couple weeks from now or Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday or Saturday. We are closed on Sundays out however we do look up assays.com now.

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