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Here in Elephant in the Room experience enjoy repeat try your first haircut for only a dollar. Experience Oklahoma highest and most review men salon. Find Hair Stylist Jobs Tulsa In 2010 has the vision to transform the men’s grooming experienced in reach out to his brother-in-law and the former US SBA entrepreneur of the year Clay Clark to help turn his dream into reality. How it all began, click art respected not only because that’s his brother-in-law but because of his coachability at a time in his life when most would have quit. Also because Justin had shadow Clay for two years to master the art of rising and grinding every day at 4 AM while learning the diligence it requires to become a successful entrepreneur. He also respect just because while the words were seeing, Facebooking, drifting or complaining he was busy turning his dream into reality. And thus how Elephant in the Room was started in with excitement for those who have chosen to franchise with Clay and Justin to grow this wonderful business.

When you schedule or book your first haircut at Elephant in the Room you get many different bonuses from your first time one dollar experience. When you arrive upon Elephant in the Room you will be welcomed with friendly and professional service. Find Hair Stylist Jobs Tulsa You be offer with free drinks such as water or a soda drink. Because we want you to feel as welcome as possible and to be felt at home. Here at Elephant in the Room we want to give you the best experience ever wihen getting a haircutting whether it is by making you feel important not that you aren’t or making you feel comfortable. After we make you feel as if your at home will began with signing you in with your appointment schedule, and notified your barber and it will only take a few moments before we begin where your haircut.

Once your barber is ready for you he/she will politely call you out your name and set you up with your haircut. We have the most polite outgoing employees ever. Find Hair Stylist Jobs Tulsa Talking to one of our employees is like talking to someone you knew your whole life or like a best friend who you could talk to about anything. Every employee will be top-notch trained and knowing what to do in every situation. For your first time haircut, you receive not just only a haircut but a wax and treatment along with oil scalp massage.

Clay Clark being a former United States small business administration entrepreneur of the year, CEO of Elephant in the Room and member of Forbes business coach Council not only make this haircutting place great but excellent. Over the years the three cofounders of Elephant in the Room have been blessed with multiple opportunities to be featured in both the national and local media and publications such as success magazine, Bloomberg, FastCompany, FOXBusiness, entrepreneur, Forbes etc.

Be sure to schedule or book with only one call away 833-348-7669 and visit our website www.EITRLounge.com

Elephant in the Room was founded by three entrepreneur’s in 2012. Why they are so highly known is because of the offers that they give. Find Hair Stylist Jobs Tulsa Attendance can get a haircut for a dollar minimum donation to the Tulsa boys home. Elephant in the Room promotes the Tulsa boys home a rich additional facility for more than 60 boys in Oklahoma who come from troubled backgrounds. The name itself with a dead giveaway one step aside provides proof that it isn’t your typical haircutting place. And the kind of service that are offered is position precision shaves, facial scrubs, had treatment, scalp massages, bear training, bra waxes, and many facials. There is currently three Elephant in the Room’s one in Tulsa one downtown Tulsa and one in broken arrow.

During your visit to Elephant in the Room benefits that you receive our beverage, constellations, forewarning teller haircuts, shampoo massage, conditioning massage, hostile treatment, face moisturizer and hairstyle. Some of the best barbers ever they will get the job done and leaving you satisfied Find Hair Stylist Jobs Tulsa. If you wanted to become a member you be given a choice from a regular membership to a silver membership to a golden membership. With the regular membership is just like a gym membership for only one haircut per month at any time of the month you be charged once a month for a haircut. For a silver membership not only you will get a haircut but you get some of the benefits such as massages for your scalp or autologous treatment etc. And as for a golden membership, of course, you pay more but you also get more as you get all the benefits once a month and you come any time as much as you want during that month. You will still have to schedule an appointment and book for an appointment.

If our services will get your fresh haircut and out the words, you get relaxing smoothly and treatment for your hands to relax while you’re getting a massage for your scalp. Find Hair Stylist Jobs Tulsa After the scalp massages you receive a face moisturizer with a hot tower treatment. All this together usually depending on how fast it takes your haircut usually last for an hour and 1/2. Our scalp massages would be something that you have never experienced before in one of the best feeling in the world. It’s as if you finally fulfill that craving that you couldn’t figure out what’s causing it. With the hand treatment you be amazed that it ever existed. Our employees are highly skilled and trained for all the performance that our benefit for you. Because of their experience to become experts in doing all this benefit to greatly pleasuring your time at Elephant in the Room.

Our services is not the only reason why we we are so great/amazing etc. but for every one dollar haircut we provided we donate one dollar to compassion.com. We support compassion.com because we believe in supporting life – changing opportunity such as an opportunity to attend or stay in school, medical care, which often saves life, nurturing food and more. And don’t just take our word for it but see our dozens and dozens of review with experience Oklahoma highest and most review man salon with five stars rating.

Visit our website www.EITRLounge.com and call the number 833-348-7669

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