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Find hair stylist jobs Tulsa | Faith or face moisturizer

This content was written for Elephant in the Room

Are you consistently the only hairstylists whoever shows up on time. To your managers rely on your lot, to cover shifts from those hairstylists who will consistently it never show up, or canceled the last minute. If so, and if you are tired of being taken advantage, and you want to work and more consistent hours with higher caliber clientele, you are going to love working at Elephant in the Room. You can find hair stylist jobs Tulsa or Broken arrow Elephant in the room can provide to you.

You are going to love the atmosphere that they have ready for you to work in. Because not only are they all excited and happy to work there, that they are coachable, teachable, and hard-working. As a hairstylist, a new will feel confident in knowing that you can provide your clients with some of the best haircuts around. Not only haircuts, but extra services like a face massage, essential oil scout massage, a, and this moisturizer. Now you can receive all of the services for just one dollar when it is the first time of coming into Elephant in the Room for a haircut.

When someone comes in for their first haircut here at Elephant in the Room, regardless of what location they go to, they will feel confident in knowing that they were able to find hair stylist jobs Tulsa professionals who knew what they are doing. Gone are the days where you left the business with a botched haircut. Because not only to receive their own personal style haircut, that you will be able to receive a shampoo and conditioner service as well as hot towel service. This hot towel service is the perfect service to experience before you have a taste moisturizer or face scrub done. Because opens up your points, and allows for every port to be deeply clean, and moisturizer.

Then you will have soft, smooth silky skin all day long. Because this is that men can have soft and silky skin. Now after seeing that first haircut, you have the option of choosing between a standard membership, deluxe membership, and premium membership. You are going to look so good, every time you use our services. Now the standard membership includes everything you receive upon your first haircut. After that, if you go with the deluxe or premium membership, you have the option of keeping add-ons. The add-ons, you can receive a then treatment, essential oil scout massage, Fraser service, or even an extended shampoo. You also receive 10% off all product can be the perfect clean up after a long weekend.

So if you are excited, they just to our services and contact Elephant in the Room. You can contact them by going online to eitrlounge.com, or by calling (833) 348-7669. However, if you’d like to recommend your services to any friends or family members, it can also receive that first haircut for just a dollar. You cannot recommend them to schedule an appointment by calling (833) 348-7669, or by texting (918) 288-0149. It’s time for you to find hair stylist jobs Tulsa providers the keeps you a great workout there, other wonderful employees got our stuff excited workers and a company that cares.

Find hair stylist jobs Tulsa | We’ve got the essentials

This content was written for Elephant in the Room

When you work for a grooming salon or lounge, you want to find hair stylist jobs Tulsa can provide you through Elephant in the Room. Because not only is Elephant in the Room one of the top men’s grooming lounges, but not only do we have all the essentials, but we thought at all. Your clients are gonna be having a wonderful experience from the moment they walk into our store, they will be greeted with a warm smile, and asked how we can help them. We are by appointment only, so there is no waiting your turn, while you trying to get your haircut. This is especially important, because at many other grooming salons even if you schedule an appointment, they also accept walk-ins during the same time. And so, if you are on a strict time schedule, and cannot afford to wait 20 to 40 minutes for a haircut, this is perfect for you.

You will then be offered a free complimentary drink that these water, any type of soda or coffee. We do offer memberships, that provide a free clean up, and on Mondays, we offer a free Nape shave, Tuesday’s are for providing you free essential oil scout massages, and on Wednesday you receive any free add-on of your choice. All of our clients receive more than just a haircut. Then you receive the help and care, and special treatment that they deserve every week. We do also offer 15% of all of our memberships for all first responders.

Now if you are hairstylists, in your trying to find hair stylist jobs Tulsa Elephant in the Room can offer to you, you will find a great atmosphere here at Elephant in the Room. You’re gonna find hard-working individuals, no one is going to be as lazy as you can from before. You promise you that this is not a mediocre company, and you’ll be very happy here looking at Elephant in the Room. If you’d like to come and settle one of our stylists, you may do so, that is all part of the hiring process. Get to explore the headquarters for thrive time show, who is a partner with Elephant in the Room.

Now as a customer, your clients will have access to much different membership. You can have a standard membership, deluxe membership, and premium membership. Now all these memberships include month-to-month services, there is no contract, we receive about free beverage, as well as that consultation, tapered haircut, shampoo and conditioner service, and hot towel service. You then receive a face moisturizer in massage, and style every time. Elephant the deluxe membership, you can choose to add-ons every time you go in. And with a premium membership, are add-ons are free to you.

If you have any questions regarding our services, or how you can find hair stylist jobs Tulsa can provide to you, please contact us by calling (833) 348-7669. You may also go online to eitrlounge.com. Will then be able to figure out more about our company, how we got started, in the services we provide. We want you to be happy with you or place of employment, so please contact us by going online to our website, or calling us today.

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