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Find Jenks barbershops | not a cursing but rather a jinx

This content was written for elephant in the room

You have been searching high and low far and wide in the Jenks area to try and Find Jenks barbershops that offer you the best possible deals for your first-time haircut. You have done the best one however is still too expensive for your taste they only offer 10% off your first haircut. However there is one that will be on top of all is called elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge. They will be with offer you your first-time haircut for only one dollar that is the best possible deal that you have ever heard of whenever you are looking for a top-quality barbershop so you’re trying to Find Jenks barbershops that offer you a better deal you’re not real to find any.

There are three different packages that you go through for your haircutting experiences the first experience is called the standard there is a slight price service and could member or nonmember however the perks are the same the first being a consultation between a the is stylist and that you mean that you built to tell the stylist exactly how you want your haircuts followed by the tailored haircuts according to your wishes and then take it so much better because it will be followed by a shampoo and condition a hot towel and then a face moisturizer and then the style of your choice. This is going to be a an amazing haircutting experience that you won’t soon forget.

If you have the standard is awesome waiting to hear about the deluxe the deluxe is going to be including the standard plus you will have the ability to choose from two add-ons from a list of five add-ons being a paraffin and treatment than a essential oil scalp massage a face scrub, razor service, extended shampoo you are going to be choosing to have us five in the matter which to you go with the you are going to be able to not regret your decision.

The premium experiences going to be the one that takes the cake and all sorts of categories when it comes to relaxation and the haircutting experience the premium includes all the standard has to offer you plus all the deluxe has to offer you that means that you will be able to choose all five of the add-ons and said adjust to plus you will receive 15% off all products that you purchase through elephant in the room when you go to the premium.

Elephant in the room is one of the finest establishments when you’re trying to Find Jenks barbershops is through appointment only but you will be able to make that appointment by calling (833)348-7669 where you will be able to talk to one of our associates that will schedule a time and date for you to come on in and start this experience. If you like to see more about the essentials or anything else about the founders were reviews feel free to give a lopsided visit which is www.eitrlounge.com

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