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We understand that your search to Find Jenks Barbershops may have been a laborious one. We went to end your search today. If you were looking for some of the best in men’s grooming, then look no further than the elephant in the room Men’s Grooming lounge. We offer amazing and Affordable Services no matter where you end up going in Tulsa or OKC. We want to be able to give you your service for just $1 for your first time in. We give that service so that you can be comfortable with the elephant in the room and the somewhat more extravagant services that we offer today.

Until I found an elephant in the room I was trying to Find Jenks Barbershops that could offer consistency from store to store for an amazing haircut. Because we have trained all in-house with a lead stylist we can ensure consistency for you. We want to ensure consistency for you because quality is one of our standards. That standard has been unbroken from the beginning when we started this company in the early 2000s. It is very often found that most grooming lounges just give you a very quick service for a very cheap price. But we are no McDonald’s of haircuts. We like the fine dining of haircut experiences.

Anytime you Find Jenks Barbershops be sure that they are one of our locations. You can look up our locations ranging from our South Tulsa location at 91st and yale, are downtown 17th and Boston location, are Broken Arrow location off of 65th and Lynn lane, our location in the Nichols Hills area off of Northwestern Avenue, or even our location that is off of North May that is a half mile west of quail springs.

You should likely not ever have to do your hair yourself. Unless you were going for the absolute bare minimum that a man should have for a haircut, then sure go and ruin your hair yourself, but you can always go and try us out for that $1 haircut to see just how amazing we can make your hair look today. It is also extremely hard to do your hair and yourself if you do not have the experience, but we have experienced stylists that can take care of your hair to ensure that it is well-kept and not poorly cut.

We want to be able to ensure that you get the absolute best in haircuts today or even as soon as possible. It is very hard to do that if you do not reach out to us, but you can always reach out to us in a variety of ways. If you’re wanting to get set up for a haircut today or that $1 haircut, you can always call us at our landline at (918) 877-2219 or you can reach out to us online to expedite your service at eitrlounge.com and read up on our amazing reviews that people have left for our company. We have a lot of video testimonials from clients both new and old who can explain exactly what they love about the elephant in the room to you.

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look no further to Find Jenks Barbershops the elephant in the room. We had an elephant in the room that offers such amazing services for you as the tailored haircut, brow wax, beard trim, gray blends, and so much more. But on your first haircut, however, we offer your first haircut for just $1. And we do this to ensure that you will get in and try our services as soon as possible. We want to make it this affordable price so that you can try our services and understand if the elephant in the room is the right fit for you.

We know it can be a struggle to Find Jenks Barbershops because of the horrible services that a lot of people can provide that are unnecessary. We however find it necessary to get you in for a brow wax. If you are looking to become the best in your field and to become an amazing White Collar worker, getting a brow wax can be an amazing add-on for you. A brow wax may sting a little, but it allows you to Preen on your eyebrows to get a spectacular look on your face. We make your eyebrows look shaped up and nice so that not a single part of your hair routine is going untouched. Getting a brow wax can make you look nice to look at.

Another reason you might be trying to Find Jenks Barbershops may be to get in for a beard trim specifically. We understand that there are not a lot of people nowadays who are amazing beard stylists too who can make you look spectacular. So we want to ensure that you get in with some of the best in hair grooming for a beard trim. Wherever you go in for a beard trim you go to consult with one of our stylists about what kind of length might work for you, what style you should go for with your beard, and even how to grow it out to fill in and look better. We offer amazing stuff to go alongside this as well such as a beard balm that will make your beard smell amazing and it will restore your face glow.

You can go to grab some of our exceptional services today. But if you are looking for something specific like a gray blend, then look no further than the elephant in the room. Wherever you go in for blending your gray hairs, you can go in and make your hair look like you are a lot younger and you are a lot more stylish. We offered these specifically for our older men so that they can feel confident and cool about the hair that they have.

If you think some of these Services might interest you, please reach out to us as quickly as possible. You can reach out to us in several ways that will be helpful for you. One such way is to call us at our direct line at (918) 877-2219. We have this option available if you are looking for something more old-fashioned, however, if you are more tech-savvy and are looking into getting booked yourself online, you can always book with us at eitrlounge.com for that amazing service.

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