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If you try to find Jenks barbershops, look no further. Elephant In The Room is a premier haircut experience that offers a ton of exciting services. There are three memberships ranging from standard to premium Elephant In The Room. Every membership is month-to-month and no contract meaning that you have the ability to cancel at any time you please, but we know you won’t be wanting to do that. We are so excited to share with you all of our packages and amazing services that we offer, because once you experience Samuel going rails. Come in for your first visit and receive a deluxe haircut for only one dollar. This is how confident we are that you will stick with us.

You will be able to find Jenks barbershops that suit you at Elephant In The Room. It can be tricky trying to findings barbershops, and find the one that’s the right fit. Our first membership is the standard membership. We guarantee you will be amazed by everything you see. Upon arriving everyone receives a beverage of their choice between water, soda, and coffee. With a standard membership you then receive a consultation with our expert stylus, a tailored haircut just for you, shampoo and condition plus a massage, hot towel, face moisturizer plus a massage and a unique style. We also offer beard trims to members and nonmembers. If you’re a member you can add this onto your membership price that you pay monthly and you will receive the member discount your nonmember you pay full price but still can receive the service.

The deluxe membership is by far our most popular. There’s no way you could find Jenks barbershops that can compare to this membership. Deluxe membership includes services at a standard membership would include plus more. You have the ability to choose two add-ons to add to your service. These include a pair hand treatment, essential oil scalp massage that is a bestseller, reader service, face scrub, and extended shampoo. In addition to all of this you will receive 10% off all products which you will want to try out since they’re all organic and locally made.

Third and final membership is the premium membership. All the basic services that you receive the standard and deluxe membership C receiving the premium one as well. The premium membership in addition includes the ability to schedule an unlimited amount of deluxe haircut for the month. Where have you ever gone where you can schedule an unlimited amount of haircuts. You also receive 15% off all products. All three of these memberships include a free clean up. In addition on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays if you have an appointment scheduled and have a membership you the ability to receive a free add-on. Monday’s a free nape shave, Tuesday is a free essential oil scalp massage, and Wednesday is a free add-on of your choice from the list of five.

Give us a ring 833-EITR-NOW to talk with her representatives to schedule appointment have any questions you might have answered. We guarantee that you have an amazing experience at Elephant In The Room. Visit us at www.eitrlounge.com to duty hours and locations of our lounges. You may also schedule an appointment online.

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