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If you want to come find Jenks haircuts and you don’t know where to find that you become the best place to find right here. The best place forging circuits that elf in the room. We been offering the greatest service you can possibly get in the area for a number of years here. We have a multiple different locations now. And those locations are to be in South Tulsa. We also have a location downtown. In that location downtowns agree with you to get there, I don’t know if you’re going to school at TCC anyway come over and get a great beer J real quick for you about the class come here and expensive. We can give you the best beer JD can have. We can give you all the services we had offer right here in one great package. And that packages can be whenever you get a membership so when you get in the recipient have the standard membership that the first one now not a lot of people get the standard mentorship only because it’s great that you get that two extra add-ons for not much more for the deluxe package simply the most popular packets of the offer here is to be deluxe membership the deluxe ownership is a great if you’d be up to get all the service we offer here in one big package each and every time command I mean you get to choose two different add-ons each attorney command and that’s a great experience. Getting those two add-ons is like just getting with cream and a cherry on top. You can be able to get paraffin hand treatments essential scout massages. You can get a razor service, face scrub, or extended shampoo. It is absolutely enthralling to know that all these options are right here at your fingertips each and every time you want to come in to get a haircut you also can get 10% off all product with the deluxe package so when I think of what I want to do for my packaging but not membership I would get I know for a fact that I would probably go right here for the actual deluxe package and then just switch out the different add-ons the only difference in the premium in the deluxe package is that some of the add-ons you get to add on for free are already in the packet on the premium service such as the style things like that so that’s you know one thing that we do we do offer that little bit different but as in that the it’s really no different you know you can get that face scrub and the extended shampoo every time you come in as well and that’s just a nice way to be able to tell you that we appreciate the business you give us and we appreciate you as actual persons what to not only change and redefine grooming we want to make you redefine where to find Jenks haircuts. So. Next time you want to find Jenks haircuts you want to look right here at the best place to do that and that’s at elephant in the room men’s grooming lands please give us a call today to make an appointment at 918-877-2219 or go to the website we have [email protected]

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