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You know that you have been searching for ever to Find Jenks Man Salon and that is why elephant in the room is the best one for you. We had everything that you are going to want to need when you come into our men’s commands to get your first haircut for only one dollar. Is without a doubt that we are Oklahoma’s most highest rated and reviewed men’s room and lounge and solution for men’s haircuts today. We had everything that you’re going to want to meet and we give you deluxe package when you come in for your first time.

If you know anything about the elephant in the room and the story of how it started by a man who knew that men need a better haircut experience. This is why he has gone on to open several lodges in the Oklahoma area provides you with how to Find Jenks Man Salon. We have all the different kinds of hair shampoo balls for you to get that clean feeling after you get your hair cut. The one I have hairs all over your body or on your jacket when you coming get the first circuit with us.

It is a very rustic looking shop and that is what we are all about. We’re all about great enough for some wonderful to have all the different smells and things that you are going to love today. You want to look yourself in the mirror and smile because you’re going to have that fresh haircut, knowing that everyone will give comments to you. That is why it if you are one to get the search on for Find Jenks Man Salon today. You provide lots of different things when you come in and this is with any and every single package for your meant haircut.

When you come into the elephant in the room and screaming that we be getting a tailor haircut, provide you with the beverage, her consultation shampoo and condition with the massage is about the hot towel treatment, faithless riser, and the style of your choosing. We do all this in a matter of 30 minutes. We have it all for you today and this is why you need to give us a call. We will give you the style of your choice as well as the extended shampoo in the face scrub for you.

You’re wanting to get your best haircut in the area, and make sure to give us a contact today. Our team members are waiting to provide you with an appointment of your choosing anywhere from 9 AM to 6 PM on the weekends or 11 AM to 8 PM during the weekdays, Monday through Friday. This is why you can give us a call at 833-348-7668 and we were happy to assist you. You also become I’m going to our website https://eitrlounge.com/ and there you will have access to our calendar to see which date and time works best for you to schedule your first haircut with us. Make sure it’s all your friends and family will be able to come invited to the men’s room not as well.

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