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If you in the broken arrow area and you’re trying to Find Men’s Salon in Broken Arrow that something other than an old-school barbershop for you come in and use it for couple hours wait for somebody to be a will to cut your hair the give you a subpar haircut we talk about stuff that you don’t care about, anyone to find a more modern experience than you can come into open the room. Some people become an elephant room for the first time of the give us a call for the first time have a few the same questions. They often want to know what the services are that we offer exactly, and they also want to know how much the service costs. In addition meantime, they also want to know if we have any specials. We’re here to answer all that for you right now.

So if you’ve been trying to Find Men’s Salon in Broken Arrow then you need to give us call Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge so we can get you set up with a first haircut for just one dollar. That is going to be our special that we will always offer to every new customer so they can see exactly what we do and we can while them on their first visit by simply doing what we do. You can set up your first visit for just a dollar when you get in contact with us by calling 833-248-7669 or does go to our website at eitrlounge.com and looking at your appointment online. You can also do it to a text message or you can just come by either of our locations in broken arrow, jeans, or Tulsa and speak some money.

People also want to know in the research to Find Men’s Salon in Broken Arrow what the services are that we provide specifically. That’s an easy question to answer. First of all, in addition to giving a tailored haircut, we offer you free beverages a consultation in a hot towel and every visit. Depending on your membership package we can also do several different types of massage, an extended shampoo a face scrub or styling. And it for many people they choose to add on services like pair for hand treatment, essential oil scout message and razor service. So it comes to making you feel and look your best every month, then you might find a better salon this can make you look feel great not just him or services by just by being here in this amazing environment.

People also ask is quite often how much it costs, but that is less of an easy question because it all depends on what you subscribed to. We can get you that first pick up for a dollar, and we can do your haircuts on a case-by-case basis, but your best value is going to be one of our member’s packages you get your haircut every month and whatever services you subscribed to via that package. It’s always a better value to subscribed to package one flat rate even if it’s just for the haircut because you’re going to save money that way.

If you are no more specifically about what we can sign you up for as far as cost goes and does get in contact with us as soon as possible at 833-248-7669 or you can visit us on our website at eitrlounge.com find more information or she does any questions comments or concerns and be sure to set up that first appointment get your haircut for dollar.

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