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Are you looking to find the best barbershops in broken arrow and you are a first-time customer or maybe you’re headed into a really great parade place be able to take it taking care of also having punctual and professionalism quality value cleanliness in your shop and turn to elephant in the room and screaming Lodge of Tulsa. That is what we are offering and we love to be able to show you more but we are able to appear because you’ll deafly want to be able to recommend elephant in the room to all your friends and all your guy friends. Because they are great service great people with amazing atmosphere with great energy and and making sure for the in every kind of practice that’s what Bill said especially if you’re looking to be able to have some great experiences with great products.

So if you’re currently in search to find the best barbershops in broken arrow call us today here at elephant remains commitment. We can execute your first haircut for only one dollar. It’s great to have you come with me. Also with a great atmosphere he will deftly want to be able to get them tends across the board. Consolidate us is great experience with previous hair services in Tulsa in broken arrow. You cannot go wrong with often the romance coming’s peer because definitely treat you better than when you to any of us on the continent path.

Now because this place is amazing in this odd front desk to all the styles are absolutely making with high-quality experiences as well as always offering the best energy in the pesticide and overhead music and you thought possible. Also if you’re curious about their membership they’d be more than happy to go into that with you as well see the great value because you can and sign it from them shipping get executed at a discounted rate.

So call say here at elephant in the room men’s group especially if you are first-time customer where you can get your first haircut for only one dollar and take us for a test drive see if our memberships or for haircut experience is really something that you would want to be able to know more about or disabled take advantage of. We also are offering shampoo and conditioner with massage is haircut tailored haircut must my membership no contract saw Scott Shaw’s paraffin hand treatment and so much more other locations always offer the same by this was the same energy every time.

So call elephant in the room men’s room emerge if you are trying to find the best barbershops in broken arrow. For first-time customers were actually offering you right now your first haircut for only one dollar and if you have not been to the lounge in a long time we’re actually offering you a promotion right now we can ask to come in for haircut for only five dollars. They are a card only shop and they can do their gems as well so if you’re looking for straight razor favored like that we would be able to come back for more. So if you want to be able to have a professional great stylist all in one place call elephant in the room today by dialing the phone number 918-877-2219 or by going and booking online at www.eitrlounge.com.

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