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When it comes time to try to find Tulsa Man salon services that really stand above the competition, there is only one company that can do it. Elephant in the Room is an amazing a company with an amazing team of grooming professionals who are are going to make sure you get every single thing you want and so much more when you come in for a haircut. HenryMike will leave make sure that you are going to be able to get every single detail right of your cost of your car, because we value consistency. This means that we are going to just have an extensive consultation process when we talk with you and get every single detail right before you start cutting your hair. This is really going to give you the peace of mind knowing that your group professional has your best interest in mind, and is always going to make sure that you are getting every single thing you need and so much more from your service. So if you’re tired of getting an inconsistent haircut from all of your normal places that you go to, come find Tulsa man salon and services that are really going to be exceptional for you, because you will get the same haircut every single time.

Not only are you coming in for a haircut, but when you find Tulsa Man salon services with us, you are also coming in for an incredible relaxing unforgettable experience. Are you looking for a place where you cannot relax and just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Let us what you will be able to find here. We specialize in amazing haircuts, but we do so much more than that. In fact we have so many different packages of atoms that will be perfect for you.

This is why you definitely need to come into us, because after you haircut we have amazing shampoo and conditioner services with the warm steamy talents to go over your face just to have the most relaxing experience you possibly can. If you the type of person that likes to add-ons, you would also love our deluxe package which includes two of the following add-ons: extended shampoo and conditioner service if you really like that, the essential oils, massage, tobacco next shave, face scrub, and the fan favorite paraffin and wax treatment which is really good moisturizer for unions.

You also be glad to know that we have memberships for you as well. This allows you to come in for monthly haircut at a discounted rate. So if you love our experience, don’t hesitate to ask one of our professionals in the shop about becoming a member, because we would love to make that happen for you.

We cannot wait to see you coming to Elephant in the Room, because we know you leave as an incredibly happy and thrilled and relaxed customer. So if you want an amazing relaxing experience, go ahead and book your first appointment with us today by calling us at 833-348-7669. You can also visit eitrlounge.com to book online there as well.

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