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Finding the best man salon in Jenks can be tough. We understand that you are looking for something that is unique. Your hair is special to you, and we want to know what you want to do to it. Because even though your hair is special to you, it is our job to make sure that we value your hair as much as you do. Before you even leave our shop, we make sure that we have pampered you so that you feel absolutely fantastic before you go back out into the world. We will make sure that you look good, feel good, and you are going to have a great life after you leave.

Because finding the best man salon in Jenks can be difficult, we want to make sure that it is easy for you. That is why we offer our first haircut for only one dollar. That’s right, for only one dollar you can come in and try and see if we are the best haircut place for you. Why do we offer our first check for only one dollar? Simple… We want to make sure that you have a no-brainer, risk free chance to see if we are a good fit. If you do not think that we are with your business, you never have to come back for another haircut again. But, if you think that we are membership, please feel free to stop in the least one more time and see if we can cut your hair again to provide services that we think are worth it.

We have many memberships to our salon right now. With over 3500 members, we have many men in the greater Oklahoma area who are committed to us because they get a wonderful haircut every single time. At some point in their lives, they tried finding the best man salon in Jenks as well. They ended up trying us for that one dollar, and they never looked back. We think of this will be the same with you as well. We think that once you try is one time, you will come back for more. Feel free to cancel any time, as there is a no hassle, canceling a time policy with us. There is no fee to sign up, no fee to cancel, and you get free stuff all the way while you are a member with us.

What are some of the free items that we offer? Well, we also offer additional add-ons for our clients as well. This means that you can come in again the extended shampoo, face scrub, a paraffin hand wax treatment, and much much more. These are just some of the ways that we like to help our clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated before they head back out into the world. Want to help you, so feel free to come and give us a try when you are ready.

Please feel free to visit eitrlounge.com or call 833-348-7669 to see what Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge can do for you and your next check. We think that you will be very impressed with us when you try us for only one dollar, and we are very excited to try and earn your business moving forward for your new haircut. If you think we are worth your business, please give us a try.

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