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Hair Salons in Jenks Oklahoma because here at elephant in the room men’s grooming lunch we want to let you know that we (we love cutting hair we love touching here and there’s nothing we love Mordred then to touch your hair. Call us today for more permission feel like people set an appointment. And we have several locations we have three here in Tulsa but we also have two other locations in Oklahoma City so whatever ones is works best for you going to scholarly were more than happy to be able to have one of our representatives able to get you schedule you and your hair cut for a day or afternoon works best.

Hair Salons in Jenks Oklahoma in your hair is deathly can be in good hands with elephant the room and surveillance if you want to know more information about our systems as well as what we do particularly well when it comes to grooming and find out for yourself back to calling her call center here to be able to schedule morning or afternoon appointed. Because we have flexibility with her scheduling were open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday and Saturday and closed on Sunday. But our hours of operation are from 11 to 7 PM in the evening so if you would be able to find a time that works best for you please come on into our shop.

Hair Salons in Jenks Oklahoma all the things that we care about. So whether or not you’re bold or you have hair or maybe even like five years left will be able to take care of it for you. Contact us if you would be able to information better systems as well as more about our staff what we do to be able to really elevate ourselves as one of Oklahoma’s highest rating was reviewed then salons in the state. Obviously want to be able to continue to surpass ourselves and always continue to be able to build upon our success. Everyone be part of that please do not because they were more happy to get you in today.

We would be able to find out more letter company as well as be able to find more about you and also able to present ourselves as being the most profoundly able to go to get a mentor. We honestly do all of our all that we can build to redefine men’s grooming also be able to make sure it’s an experience that you will not forget. This is not gonna hear that you would get at great clips or Supercuts. Because were definitely 10 times better than they are.

The version the patient when you’re looking to be up to get a haircut in Tulsa or Oklahoma City we love hair at all these locations. The call today here for more information at 918-877-2219 a good www.eitrlounge.com Weber learn more about Howard taking men’s grooming by storm. And out more about our services just by simply calling our call center today.

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