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When looking for a hair stylist jobs Tulsa, you might be surprised to see a company called Elephant in the Room pop up. However, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are a company that is dedicated to providing an experience to our clientele, not just a haircut. When you apply to our store, you can expect to be held to a level of Excellence that other haircut stores might not adhere to. We value creating an environment that is full of energy and also peace. If you are someone who is really good at cutting men’s hair and would like to work at a grooming Lounge that is higher class, then you can apply today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

One of the things you can expect to do when you look for hair stylist jobs Tulsa here is cutting hair. Obviously, we are a Men’s Grooming Lounge, so we cut hair. However, we do more than just cut hair. As said before, we make sure that we provide a grooming experience. Much like women like to go to nail salons or Spas to pamper themselves, we seek to provide an amazing and relaxing experience to The Men Who come through our doors. When you come here, you will cut your client’s hair as they ask, ensuring that it is the way they wanted to be. You will then take notes on how that haircut was done so that way your managers can store the information in the profile.

Another thing that you will do when you apply here for hair stylist jobs Tulsa is the shampoo and conditioner that hair. At Elephant in the Room, we create our own shampoo conditioner, ensuring that the quality is amazing. During the shampoo and conditioner session, the men will receive a massage as you put the products in their hair and lather them up. Additionally, a hot towel can go on their face. After their hair is rinsed out, you will bring them back to their chairs which will now be all clean and free of hair. Because while you were in the shampoo room, your managers swept up and cleaned your station and your tools.

No, if you’re interested, you can go to our website and read the different Services we have available. We have different packages and products meaning that some services will be more intense than others. When customers come in on the deluxe package, you can expect to provide two to three add-ons in addition to the normal services. These items can include the paraffin hand treatment, the Essential Oil Scalp massage, the razor surface, the facial scrub, and an extended cab blue. Whichever one of these customers chooses, it will help enhance the experience and your tip.

If it sounds like an environment you would like to work in, then you can go to https://eitrlounge.com/ to read more information about all of the services we offer. You can also call us at (833) 348-7669 if you have any questions I would like to get in touch with someone who can put you on the application list. We can’t wait to hear from you, so do not hesitate to reach out today.

Hair Stylist Jobs Tulsa | Making Impressions Each Time

If you are a person who is looking for hair stylist jobs Tulsa locations, then elephant the room is a great place for you to look. If you are great at cutting men’s hair, then you will Thrive here. We are dedicated to providing men with a grooming experience that exceeds all expectations. Normally, when you go to hair cutting places, the expectations are low. However, here, the expectations are hi and we help you reach them. You will be able to learn a lot and meet some amazing people when you work with us. So if you are interested in that, you can apply on our website today.

If you’re curious about how this works, we would be happy to tell you once you apply for a hair stylist jobs Tulsa locations. One thing you might be interested to know is that everybody’s first haircut with us is only $1. We want to how people experience their first time with us in a way that is exciting and affordable. All anyone needs to do is show up for the first time and fill out a form on the website or call our call center today. However, it is important to note that we specialize in men’s hair, so we do not do women’s hair unless they have a traditional men’s haircuts.

So when you come here, if you specialize in men’s here, we would be happy to have join our hair stylist jobs Tulsa today. Another thing you would be interested in knowing is that that $1 is donated to Compassion International. So this means that every time a new person shows up, we are helping children in underdeveloped countries with education, food, shelter, and more things like that. Additionally, when a person comes in for the first time, it is your job to help them have the best experience they’ve ever had. We want our customers to come back time and time again. So when a new person comes in, it is your job to do your best and have them come back to you.

No matter what type of person you are, if you are great at cutting men’s hair and you want to work on an environment that is full of energy, excitement, and great people, then you should apply today. We love helping people have a great experiences with us, including our own workers. If you are looking to join a family of people who are genuine and want to help their customers, then this is the place for you. We guarantee that the services here will exceed all others at other hair cutting places. If you are interested, then you can apply on our website today.

After you apply, you can expect a few different things to happen. However, first, it is a good idea to be aware of what type of services we offer. You can do so by going to https://eitrlounge.com/. You can also call our call center if you would like to get a sense for how that works at (833) 348-7669. However, once you do, someone will reach out to you and schedule a time for you to do a demonstration of your skills so we can see how soon we can have you join our team.

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