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Hair Stylist Jobs Tulsa | Look Good, Feel Good.

We’re looking for dedicated an amazing hair stylist to join our ever-growing team here at elephant in the room. If you are needing a hair stylist jobs Tulsa Oklahoma, please reach out to us today. We’re looking forward to meeting with you and seeing if you are a right fit for our crew and vice versa. I know to be externally frustrating whenever you work in the salon industry and you have to rely on your own marketing skills in order to bring in customers. But here at elephant in the room we have a steady influx of clients and you can still build your list. This is the best of both worlds.

Never had the opportunity to visit elephant in the room, now is your chance to do so. Elephant in the room is offering a very first haircut for only one dollar. We do this for some reason. One, we want to show you how skilled and well oriented we are. Number two we want you to know how to treat our customers the best way possible. We truly care and licensed exclusively to what our clients have to say. This is a step that many other salons. They simply start cutting without asking many questions. We understand that by knowing our customer’s expectations we are able to exceed them by simply asking them what they want. It is easy as that. But it makes a huge difference. If you are a hairstylists looking for a hair stylist jobs Tulsa area, call Elephant in the Room today.

If you’d like to go online at www.eitrlounge.com you will be able to see a virtual walk-through of our salon. You’ll notice how to seek and modern it is around elephant in the room. You feel right at home as soon as you want and that is all by design. We want you to have the best experience around for your haircut and a face massage. Yes, we do face massages after your haircut! So let’s get that hair trimmed up and get you looking like a gentleman once again. This is because we do truly care about giving you the best haircut in your life and we do so 100% time. So now the time to reach out to Elephant in the Room today. Or if you are looking for hair stylist jobs Tulsa please call us. (918) 288-0149.

Join the revolution here at elephant in the room. We are offering franchise options available right now. If you’d like to be part of the hottest and most growing men’s salon in the United States you definitely need to join elephant in the room franchise options. You will have all the tools that you need in order to run an amazing company and we have your packing throughout. Here at elephant in the room, we value your time and that is why we offer online bookings and you get to schedule your time and day. Many other salon the premier walk-ins or will try and do a scheduling service, but it never seems to work. Many times I will schedule a haircut for 5 o’clock and they will not see me until 530 or six at competitors salons.

If you’d like to see exactly what it’s like to work with an amazing group of hairstylists, elephant in the room is a choice for you. We can’t wait to meet you. If you’d like to get your haircut, you know what to do, visit us online and booked today at www.eitrlounge.com. You may also give us a call at your earliest convenience at (918) 288-0149.

Hair Stylist Jobs Tulsa | Trim It Up!

Are you looking like Grizzly Adams? Is it time to get your beard trimmed up? Let the professionals here at elephant in the room exceed your expectations. We hire only the best hairstylist in the industry today. They take ample amount of time to get to know you and your style and will work to strive to deliver 100% of the time. Elephant in the room is also offering hair stylist jobs Tulsa Oklahoma. Don’t you think you want to work at elephant in the room, here’s your chance to join our ever-growing squad. We truly are the best in the business and ask any of our employees have a like working here and they will tell you the same. Management is top-notch and they work with you to give you a perfect schedule for your hectic life.

Here at elephant in the room we understand that it is important to have a balance between work and life and you can work as much or as little as you want in order to fit into your schedule. So give us a call today and ask about hair stylist jobs Tulsa area. We also have many other locations for clients and are looking to hire those positions as well. No matter if you are in broken arrow or in Jenks, Oklahoma we will be able to work with you. If you look online you’ll see that elephant in the room is the highest and most rated and reviewed men’s salon in Oklahoma today. This is simply no coincidence. It is our dedication and commitment to the customer that keeps us in the number one spot. We also have been dominating the industry. We are constantly training and staying up-to-date on the latest styles that are trending.

Something looking for an opportunity to change your life forever, elephant in the room has got you. We are offering hair stylist jobs Tulsa Oklahoma and looking for people just like you. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest at (918) 288-0149. Would love to set up a time and date to talk with you and see if you are a good fit for our company culture. We like to have fun here at elephant in the room, we also know when it’s time to work. So if you are motivated, intelligent and hard-working, this could be your new job. We can’t wait to hear from you today.

If you are looking for a wonderful haircut and shave, do not hesitate to reach out to Elephant in the Room today. Go online and book at a time that works perfectly for you. That’s right, here at elephant in the room we to online bookings and this gives you more time freedom. We know it can be very frustrating whenever you go into a salon and they make you wait for 30 minutes to one hour for your haircut. This is why work out to them and implementing our online booking. This is truly revolutionizing the way that people get haircuts and I know that you will love this new system.

My elephant in the room tonight your hair and beard attorney back into a gentleman. Summer is just around the corner and let’s get that summer cut go in. I know that you will love working with our amazing hairstylist and they will exceed your expectations every single time. If you’d like to book an appointment today, get elephant in the room a call at (918) 288-0149. You may also book online at www.eitrlounge.com.

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