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Haircut Jenks | 12 angry men

Elephant in the room is able to provide a haircut Jenks of services. If you’re needing a beard trim, your haircut, or even your eyebrows waxed, elephant in the room is the want to help you. All of our stylists are highly trained, and experienced individuals. Not only are the able to provide great services for you, but they are able to help you feel comfortable and enjoy the ambience of the environment. Elephant in the room want you to have a memorable experience with us, which is why it we always pay great attention to detail, and work hard to to exceeded the expectations of our clients.

That is exactly why if you come in with 12 angry men demanding to have a haircut, because our previous hairstylist from another company completely ruined your hair, and your wedding is in it two days we need to act fast. We provide haircut Jenks services for you and all of your groomsmen. That’s right, are building is large enough to fit 12 men in there. Most businesses are only able to handle 3 to 6 clients at a time. However, we can handle more than that. And you will be very pleased to know, that sense you and your groomsmen are all new clients of elephant in the room, you would get receiving your first haircut for just one dollar.

Now what exactly is included in these haircut Jenks first haircut for dollar deal. You would get receive complimentary drinks such as adult beverages, soda, coffee, water and other services. You will experience your own personalized style from one of our stylists consultants, and receives a shampoo and conditioner had massage. You have access to our hot towel service that will be placed on your head during the washing of your hair. This allows for you to relax, and just enjoy your experience here with us.

We had then also rest of your hair appointment receiving a facial massage with facial scrubs and moisturizer, and then personally styling your hair. Then, if you are very pleased with our work, you can sign up for a monthly membership. The offer four different types of memberships for you. We have our beard membership, our standard membership, deluxe membership and platinum membership. You can benefit from all of these, and with all of the memberships not including the beard membership coming you get receive the standard services I just previously mentioned that are also included in the year one haircut for one dollar deal.

Now if you have questions on how you can schedule a haircut Jenks appointment, please call elephant in the room. Once you dial (833) 348-7669, you will be able to schedule that appointment at your next earliest convenience. You can also go online to eitrlounge.com to find out more information about our company, the services we provide, as well as how you can one day come to own your very own elephant in the room.

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