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Haircuts for men in Tulsa | team players

This content was written for elephant in the room

Whenever one tries to find Haircuts for men in Tulsa they are often disappointed because they are going to become across some of the lower quality haircutting places one that offers just a haircut and it is going to be a more or less uniform haircut across all the guys that come in here. If you’re looking for a truly unique haircut one that is tailored according to your wants and desires than elephant in the room is going to be able to be the one that gives you that tailored haircut with the first haircut to be only one dollar one of you come in here you will be ultimately treated with the quality professionalism and be given a top-of-the-line haircut one that you’ve been searching for for a while.

Of the Haircuts for men in Tulsa the three different kinds of packages that we have for the haircuts include the standard the deluxe and then the premium standard is anything but it will include a beverage from you first come in here for your appointment as well as a consultation want to be sitdown in a barber’s chair until the hairstylist exactly how you want your hair to be tailored after that you get your hair cut and then the pampering begins with spa like treatments such as shampooing and conditioning a hot towel and a face moisturizer as well followed by the style.

The deluxe experiences going to be one of the great experiences that you have ever received in your search for Haircuts for men in Tulsa it will offer the standard package and also during your spot like treatments you will be able to choose two of the five add-ons to help enhance those experiences from a face scrub to extended shampoo you will build to enjoy it all on top of that you will receive 10% off all products that you purchase.

The premium package is going to be the one that takes it all brings home the bacon when it comes to experiences you will receive the standard experience and entering the terrorists ball treatment to you will receive all five of the add-ons that will help enhance your experience that includes a paraffin and essential oil scalp massage razor service, face scrub and extended shampoo all for the price of the premium package and 2% off all products to purchased.

Elephant in the room is through appointment only you can make that appointment by calling (833)348-7669 where you speak with one of our cheerful associates that would happily answer any questions have about haircutting experience as well as setting up a time that is best for you you can visit their website www.eitrlounge.com which will have the locations as well as the reviews that customers have left for us you also be able to read a little bit about our founders as well.

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