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Haircuts in Broken Arrow strive to be the best that we can be for all of our customers. That includes you! If you are not one of our current customers then we would encourage you to change that today! We offer more than just a haircut at our Men’s Hair Lounge. You have options to add on services such as beverages, hot towels, scalp massages, and more. We also have additional add-on Services. You will not be disappointed with the switch. We are the best in the industry and ranked the highest-reviewed hair salon in Oklahoma!

Haircuts in Broken Arrow and haircuts by elephant in the room Men’s Salon have five locations all over the state of Oklahoma. At these five you are bound to find at least one location that works best for you! would be thrilled to have you join and take advantage of the services that we offer for men in our community. We promised you will not be disappointed with the haircut experience that you receive. Are Barbers top-notch and have a skillset like no other? We are constantly learning and growing and striving to be the best and what we do. But don’t just rely on others’ reviews oh, why not come next and experience it for yourself?

Haircuts in Broken Arrow you can rest assured that no matter which location you visit you’ll be getting the same top-notch experience at every location and with every single Barber. Are Barbers at the same mindset that we do at elephant in the room and we strive to be the best! we want you to enjoy your haircut experience! You can book your first haircut for just $1! That is a price that cannot be beaten anywhere! not just the price but the atmosphere and the experience cannot have a price tag on it.

Our customer service representatives are top-notch! I know exactly how to help you figure out what you are looking for and how to get the look you are after. Our customer service Representatives want to help you feel the absolute best about yourself. We provide exceptional haircuts. You will walk into one of our hair men’s hair salons feeling and looking one way and leave a completely different person. You’ll be thrilled with your results! You will not want to leave without booking your next appointment. You’ll enjoy your new haircut and the experience so much that you probably will want to come back every week if it were possible!

We would love for you to call elephant in the room so that we could get you scheduled today! The phone number to call is 918 877-2219. If you’re the type of person that would much rather book online then that is an option as well. You need only to visit us at www.EITRLounge.com And just follow the simple, easy prompts at the top of the page. If you have any questions before the day of your appointment all you need to do is give our customer service representatives to call.

Haircuts in Broken Arrow | Men’s Full Service Hair Salon

Are you ready to book haircuts in Broken Arrow? The elephant in the room has exactly what you’ve been missing! We offer so many add-on services to your regular haircut that you believe here excited to come back! We off also offer multiple add-on services that many other men’s hair salons do not provide. You will have such an experience that you will be ready to come back long before you’re done with your next haircut! That’s the type of service that we want to provide! We are always booking new clients as well as keeping a hold of all of our current clients because we offer an experience that they never want to let go of!

Haircuts in Broken Arrow will not be beaten in what they do in this industry! Our customers enjoy the experience of the services and the add-ons that we offer them! We want you to be a part of this as well. We offer five different locations all over the state of Oklahoma so you’re guaranteed to be able to find a location that works best for you. All of our barbers I’ve continued training so that no matter which location you visit you will always receive the same high-quality hair-cutting experience! All of our Barbers are skilled to provide the haircut that you’re looking for!

We at haircuts in Broken Arrow love giving back to our community. That’s why whenever you booked your first haircut for just $1 we donate to an organization that helps provide food, Medical Care, and education to those in need. Customers and the Community are our number one priority! Here elephant in the room we have the highest and most reviewed end salon in Oklahoma.

We also offer franchising opportunities for anybody that is looking to open up their own Men’s Grooming lounge with the same expectations that we have! an elephant in the room was created it was created with men in mind! We realized the need for a better setting and more relaxed environment for our men during their haircuts and we wanted to provide that for them!

Call today and speak to one of our highly trained customer service Representatives. Our friendly staff can help figure out what day and time work best for you to enjoy your haircut experience with us! If you’re not sure about any services or add-ons that you would like to add our customer service representative or knowledgeable in that area can help you with that as well. all that you need to do is call us at 918-877-2219. If you want to find out more about us or if you would rather book online yourself you can do that at www.EITRLounge.com have a customer services representative standing by to assist you and all of your haircuts needs, grooming, and booking needs! We know that all we need is one shot at your hair and we will keep a satisfied customer for a lifetime!

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