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This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge is one of the top quality barbershops in the state and provides the best haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. We focus on honing our techniques and our skills to provide the absolute best experience for every man and boy who comes to our doors. In 2012 we decided to start a barbershop that was going to stand out from the rest. Since that time we’ve been awarded several times from being the top grooming lounge in the city and have been featured in Success Magazine. We want to change the way that men look at haircuts and how they receive their grooming experience. Schedule your appointment today to receive more information on how we can help you reach that new level of good looks.

It’s extremely important for us to provide the best quality for every man who walks through our doors. Were not just giving you haircuts In Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Providing an Experience That Is Going to Change Your Perspective On Haircuts Forever. We want to give you the services that you deserve and enabling you to maintain your look throughout the year. We understand that haircuts is generally something that men do not like and you have to get one. If you already have to get a haircut it only makes sense to have a good experience and have a result you’re happy with at the end of the day. Our grooming professionals are very detailed and skill to ensure the best quality every time.

It is our hope and dream to help you ignite your personal branding through the services that we provide. Your personal branding is crucial especially as your moving towards professionalism and starting your own business. We want you to have the look and the appearance that line up with your goals. If you’re a musician, a business professional, a writer, public speaker, a consultant, or you’re an Christian entertainment, we want to help you achieve the desired look so that you can go towards the road of success with great confidence. We help you achieve this look through our grooming professionals who are highly trained.

We want to make sure that your experience is the best start to finish. Which is why were always asking customers how their experience was. We constantly want to improve and make our services better in every way possible. We never want our customers to feel dissatisfied with their services and are always open to suggestions on how we can make the experience better. We built this barbershop for you. We created this experience for you. With that being said we wanted to be the best experience and the top haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma for every man who comes to your door.

Success is achieved by the confident man. We want to provide that confidence by helping you sharpen and develop your personal branding through the way that you look. Our top grooming professionals are going to walk you through step by step the details of the treatments and services to ensure that you’re getting everything you need as you there. We also provide membership packages to allow you to pay one monthly fee and receive the services you need throughout the year. We want to be number one car to go to every time.

The Number One Place for Your Haircuts

This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room provides quality award winning haircuts and haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Our doors open at 2012 and ever since that time we have rapidly expanded throughout the state of Oklahoma providing the best grooming services for men. The reason for starting the barbershop was to provide an experience and not just a haircut for the men of the city. We wanted you to have a number one place to receive all of your services and help with maintaining your current appearance. If you’re looking for the best haircuts and straight razor shaves look no further than our award-winning barbershop is been featured in Success Magazine. This is your opportunity to move forward in getting what you need when it comes to your look.

One of the most important and crucial aspects of any individual is going to be their personal branding. Your personal branding is telling your story without you opening your mouth. People are going to pass judgment on you based on how you talk, dress, and look. If your entering into the world of business make no mistake that people are going to make an assessment about you based upon how you appear. We want to help you develop your personal branding and put you on the road to success by providing not only the top haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, but also helping you achieve the appearance that is ideal for your profession. It’s important for us to provide more than just a haircut for all of our members.

We believe that branding and personal branding is one of the most important components that you can start implementing into your life. It’s important to be aware that you are a walking billboard.-How you dress and how you look is portraying a certain perspective with each individual that you encounter throughout your life. If you’re looking to step up your game in the business world and interpersonal relationships you need to start considering what your personal branding is saying. Does it say that you are professional? Does it say that you are successful? Or does it say that I just woke up two hours before I came to this meeting? Consider your personal branding and it’s on the level that you needed to be.

Along with our other services we provide a unique experience at this barbershop. This is a place for men can gather, network, and build community with the others coming in to receive the best haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. We will provide you with the tools and the strategies to help you reach your goal when it comes to your look and to your appearance. Award-winning quality is the best of the best here at Elephant in the Room. We are constantly growing and training are grooming professionals to ensure the best possible experience the moment you step foot inside of our shop.

If you’re ready to receive the quality. If you’re ready for an experience. If you’re ready for a haircut that is not going to disappoint you we invite you to set up your appointment today. We want to get to know you are a personal level and ensure the work providing the best possible experience from start to finish. We are always improving our tactics and always shopping our skills with the latest grooming techniques to help you achieve your goal of ultimate appearance. This is your opportunity to hone in on the details of your personal branding and start down that path of confidence toward your success.

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