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Giving the Haircuts You Deserve

This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant In the Room is giving the haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma that men deserve. We operate on a membership-based package that allows men to pay one monthly fee and receive the best quality services when they need them. We understand that it’s absolutely crucial for men to feel confident and to always have their desired look especially when it comes to moving forward towards their goals and their success. It’s our pleasure and are goal to help you achieve that personal branding that you’re looking to establish. If you’re ready to set your appointment and ready to see why we are one of the top barbershops in the city we invite you to speak with our team members to get you on the books. Or visit us online to learn more about our services and what we do differently than other barbershops.

The barbershop was opened in 2012 and started in the heart of downtown Tulsa. is the founder and the owner of the barbershop who had a passion and a heart to see men’s grooming services taken to the next level. He wanted to provide more than just haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma and surrounding cities. He wanted to enable men to have a barbershop where they could trust the grooming professional and walk out the door feeling more confident than ever. Confidence plays a huge part in being a man and in taking on the success that you desire. When you look good and you feel good you have a better chance of taking risks towards achieving your goals.

We want to help you get there. We want to help you develop your personal branding by going over all of our services and your ultimate goal as well as your profession. It’s important for you to not only have the skills but to also have the appearance of someone who can be trusted. Your branding is telling something to every individual you meet whether it be a potential business partner or a potential relationship. The goal is to make sure that your portraying yourself in a positive and a professional way. The way you dress and the way you look has a lot to do with how people receive. We want you to be received in the right way and help you start climbing the ladder of your success towards those big audacious goals.

The reason that we on a membership-based model is because we want men to feel as if they are part of something. This is like a country club for haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. It’s home of the professional and the elite men who are ready to maintain their appearance. Were bringing you back to a time were men actually cared what they look like and walked in confidence down the street. We want to renew a sense of competence within you and give you the ability to carry yourself in such a way that makes you stand out from every other individual out there.

Learn more about our services and are grooming professionals by simply visiting us online. You’ll see that this is a place of professionalism and quality service. We focus on always giving the people what they need and getting to know our customers on a personal level to better serve them. Were going to ask about your family, your profession, and where you want to go in life in order to give you the look that’s going to help you in getting there. book your appointment today.

The Quality Haircuts in Broken Arrow You Need

This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room provides award-winning quality when it comes to haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. We currently have two locations opened in the state of Oklahoma and we continue to expand throughout the Midwest. In fact we are getting ready to open up shop in Lakewood Colorado and were ready to provide the country with the quality service that has been well received here within our hometown. Our goal is to provide quality services that include haircuts, straight razor shaves, hand treatments, facial treatments, and much more for the men who are looking for more than just a haircut an experience. Book and schedule your appointment today. We look forward to serving you.

One of the most crucial aspects of an individual is how they present themselves and how they go about branding themselves as a human being. Most people think of branding is something that’s only pertaining to business when it comes to their product or to their service. But the truth is that we are all walking marketing pieces and billboards. How we dress, how we talk, and our level of confidence tell something to those individuals we have yet to meet. We want to help you ignite your personal branding through the quality services that we provide and the haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

Elephant in the Room first opened its doors in 2012 and since that time has been called the number one barbershop in the city. We first opened our downtown location men were astonished at the amount of quality and the amount of services that they were receiving as members. We created a membership-based model to allow men to not only receive a great grooming service but also a way for them to maintain their new look. We understand the importance of always looking your best and feeling your best and that something that you have to keep up with consistently. But when you’re a member here at our barbershop we do all of the work for you. You simply come in, relax, and we help you sharpen your look to help increase your personal brand.

I understand that we keep on bringing up personal branding. Let me explain. Personal branding is one of the most important aspects for a man. Branding is simply telling a story about who you are and more importantly, where you are going. People will automatically judge you based on your close and how you carry yourself within the world. It’s important to understand that when you go about branding yourself you want to portray an idea in someone’s mind that will allow you to reach her goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, writer, business professional, or entrepreneur trying to close the deal, your personal branding plays a part in every aspect of it.

We want to be able to provide a place where men feel secure and relaxed knowing that they’re going to receive the best haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. We are continually expanding and refining our skills not only as a barbershop but also as grooming professionals. We want to give you everything you need to maintain your look and even provide you with the products you need so that you can maintain your appearance at home. If you’re looking for additional information about how our membership packages work and you’re ready to move forward give us a call today.

Start Your Personal Branding

This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room is an award-winning barbershop and provides the top haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. They opened their doors in 2012 and they were founded by . Justin started the company because he wanted to take barbershops to a new level and provide quality men’s grooming that was more than just another haircut. If you’re ready for an experienced and quality services that you can’t find anywhere else in the city. Were ready to provide the absolute best in quality services for men throughout the cities of Oklahoma. If you’re ready to set your appointment give our team member a call to get you scheduled on the books.

One of the reasons that we started this barbershop and start providing haircuts In Broken Arrow Oklahoma was to be able to provide a place where men could start working on their personal branding. Personal branding is a crucial component to your everyday life and contributes to your overall success. Most of the time people do not think of themselves as a walking billboard. How you dress, how you act, and how you look all tells the story to the people that you are meeting for the first time. Often times people disregard their personal branding and it fails then in the arena of success because they didn’t take the time to really discover who they were and what they were saying to the world by the way that they looked. We want to help you take the first step towards that personal branding.

Branding is not only crucial within business but it’s also crucial within individuals. When your branding the business you’re looking at the product or the service and telling the story to potential customers. It’s the exact same way with an individual. You’re looking at yourself and determining where you want to go in your life. You can then start taking steps towards your branding whether it professional, artistic, or business professional. Our goal here at the barbershop is to ensure that we provide the services and the haircuts in Broken Arrow Oklahoma to get you where you need to go when it comes to your appearance, competence, and personal branding.

Were focused on giving you the best services and we are constantly training our team to ensure that they receive the best possible education when it comes to haircuts and straight razor shaves along with the other services that we provide. This is our opportunity to finally give the men of Oklahoma quality services they deserve without them leaving disappointed or disheartened by the way that they look. We want to boost confidence and ignite a personal brand you can carry on for the rest your life. We believe that quality service should never be compromised especially when it comes to the appearance of the individual. We go out of our way to overdeliver for you.

If you’re ready to set your appointment we encourage you to visit us online or simply give us a call to get your hair appointment on the books. If you’re in Broken Arrow or the surrounding cities come to one of our shops that is located within those two cities. You’ll be amazed at the professionalism and quality the second you walk in. You’ll be greeted with a smile and handed free beverage to enjoy while you wait on her grooming professionals. Start taking your personal branding seriously and start taking steps to redefining it.

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