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We are aware that you might be looking into getting some Haircuts in Jenks Oklahoma very quickly. So if you are looking to get set up with something at elephant in the room Men’s Grooming lounge, do not hesitate to call us about our $1 haircut. We want to to reach out to us to get set up with our professionals because doing a haircut with experienced Barbers and stylists is an absolutely amazing and freeing experience for you. It beats having to try and deal with getting your haircut yourself, or even having to go to some Rinky Dink barber shop that doesn’t know what they’re doing. So we went to try out some of our highly reviewed and spectacular Professionals for an amazing haircut

Getting Haircuts in Jenks Oklahoma can be a hassle because you’d have to go into one of the shops to get set up for a haircut, but we allow you to go and book online at our website to get your haircut set up as quickly as possible. We also want to make sure that we provide more than just a haircut experience for you. We want to provide a full spa experience that you will love and that you will want to come back and try out. Enjoying an amazing Spa experience is more than just getting a haircut and leaving. We want you to try out services like paraffin hand wax treatment that will exfoliate the skin on your hands and that will make you feel very well taken care of and pampered.

No more will Haircuts in Jenks Oklahoma be done by unprofessionals or by yourself. We want to be the people that fill that need in your life. We offer more than just haircuts though, we offer stuff like beard trims if you’re trying to get your beard taken care of in pampered. You can get beard trim set up so that you can get length taken off of beer, get the lines on your face and your upper lip taken care of, or even just get a new and fancy style that you might enjoy as opposed to the style that you currently have.

We exist to be able to take care of our customers and the clients that we have cultivated. We are 4000 members and Counting now and all of our members have been coming up to us for years to get amazing Services done for them. I understand that consistency and loyalty are key, and we want to be able to instill that in you today. We want to be able to earn trust as far as trusting us with your hair or beard or even browse if you are so inclined to getting that service taken care of.

If you would like to hear more about what services that we have to offer for you, or if you’re even just looking to get booked as soon as possible, then feel free to reach out to us on one of our platforms. You can reach out to us if I have a phone if you are so inclined to at (918) 877-2219. This is a great way to get in contact with us because it allows you to talk with one of our amazing staff who will be able to guide you to an absolutely spectacular grooming experience. If you are more antisocial and just want to go online to check out our services that, then you can always go and check us out at eitrlounge.com and get your haircut scheduled with us that way.

Haircuts in Jenks Oklahoma | Friendly Staff and Service

We can make Haircuts in Jenks Oklahoma stand out to you because then we have a lot of stylists who have been working in the industry for quite a long time. We have several who are veterans of The Craft who want to just help you get an absolutely amazing haircut today. They also want to make you feel loved and pampered today for your services so we offer your first haircut for just $1. And that $1 haircut is not just any old ordinary haircut. Clay Clark did not Envision just giving people amazing haircuts, but he also envisioned giving people an amazing experience that they would love and be able to enjoy time and time again.

Getting amazing Haircuts in Jenks Oklahoma is as easy as calling or texting or even reaching out to us online to get your next haircut set up. We want to be able to get back to you the same day that you called to get set up for that haircut. We would hate to leave you out of these amazing deals that we offer at elephant in the room. If getting an amazing haircut is something that you are so inclined to do, then you can even walk into the shop to get set up in the shop for a haircut.

Getting set up with Haircuts in Jenks Oklahoma can be a hassle. We want to make it as easy of a process for you to get set up with that haircut today. So if you want to get set up with a haircut, then feel free to reach out to us as soon as possible. We want to take care of you and get you set up for a haircut. Whether you are at 12 years old or 72 years old, we want to be able to get you in for that haircut that you will love. If you want to get set up for a haircut today.

There’s often a need for someone to get more than just a haircut. There’s often a need to get stuff like a brow wax set up because you are needing to go to an event or wedding or you are just looking to preen yourself and make yourself look amazing. If you’re looking for amazing brow waxes you can always contact us at an elephant and the room and get set up over the phone. Brow waxes will sting of course, but what stings is getting made fun of because your bushy eyebrows have not been kept up very well. So if you are looking to get compliments and amazing services, then reach out to us at elephant in the room.

And if you need to get any more amazing Services you can contact us at elephant in the room. We have several ways of getting a hold of us. You can reach out to us at our (918) 877-2219 and get set up for that haircut that way. You can always text that same number to get set up for a haircut as soon as possible. Or if you are looking to be antisocial and just book online, you can always just go to on to Google and look up eitrlounge.com.

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