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The elephant in the room only offers the best haircuts Jenks. In fact we are excited to tell you that we are the highest rated most reviewed men salon and all of Oklahoma. We believe in getting things done and that’s why we work at having high quality and high rate of service. When I get your service done within 30 minutes. As we know that you have the rest of your day to look and feel super amazing. You will be very pleased to note that the half a lot of amazing reviews on a YouTube channel and over 6000 exceptional reviews on Google account. We love what we do, and we are so glad that we can help so many people out with their haircut and grooming needs.

We are very confident that we will take care of you. We have everything we do is amazing all the way from our eyebrow waxing, beard channels, not shaves, and are haircuts Jenks. We thank you for your time for we always listen to our customers. We want to get you exactly what you’re wanting because we know that we paid close attention to all the details. They make sure that our services exceptional and what our goal is to make your life easier. We only get the top best quality of customer service available. Because it is our job to service you in any of your haircut and grooming needs. They’re going to have everyone turning their heads and looking at you after you get your amazing services done.

This is your first time at elephant in the room were going to give your first haircuts Jenks service for only one dollar. This is 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Or you can have your one dollar back. Of course, your service starts immediately lock your door and have a nice warm welcome. He denigrated with a beverage of your choice he can start relaxing and feeling more comfortable. We can start a consultation to review over what services you’re wanting today and how you are wanting them down. We then give you the most and best award-winning tailored haircut service as promised. We have the best scapula massage followed by the conditioner massage. He got all this while receiving your hot towel treatment and face moisturizer. We didn’t style you see you can look and feel exceptional as he leaves to finish the rest of your day.

Why only one dollar? Your one dollar service really gets donated to compassion.com. Compassionate, is a nonprofit that can help Third World country children have a second chance at life. They offer lifesaving medical care, education and the ability to go to school and learn, quality food with three meals a day, shelter, and so much more. They do all this in the eyes of God. They teach the name of Jesus Christ we are so honored to be able to be a part of something so amazing.

If you have any questions or concerns are you ready to schedule your first appointment you can contact elephant in the room for our website and phone number. Our website is www.eitrlounge.com. And of course if you’d rather talk to her life representative that is personal to you you can always talk to and call them at our business telephone number at elephant phone number. We look forward to working with you and provide you with the best quality service available.

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