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If you’re getting tired of traditional Jenks Barber as a modern, and here about Jenks and the greater Tulsa area, then get touch with Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. Never heard of Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, we are the highest and most reviewed men’s grooming lounge in the state of Oklahoma, and we are prepared to provide you with a better haircut and a better grooming experience for the modern man. If you like to make sure the year treat yourself right, and you’re also getting a higher quality haircut then what your old-fashioned Jenks Barber has been giving you your life, the come and see a by trying out Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. It just takes one phone your first haircut from us for just one dollar.

That’s the first step to opening up incredible new doors for yourself by subscribing to our men’s grooming membership package that we have here which is available in different sizes and shapes to fit your new. The first step is give us a call at any time at 833-348-7669 between 9 AM in 8 PM Monday through Saturday so that you can book your first haircut or if you are a current member, give us call that number any time to book your next appointment. But to know that you are a first-time customer, and we can get you booked for dollar haircut here at Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge which is your first step finding out what incredible potential awaiting you by getting not only a tailored haircut command and also a free beverage, hot towel service, and more.

If you with the complete experience each and every time you come and leave here feeling like a man not only with a high quality haircut from a talented stylist but also feeling your best to treat yourself or add-ons like paraffin hand treatment, essential project. Get rid of that old Jenks Barber and open up for yourself a coming in and getting whenever memberships free beverage the revisit, consultation, hostile service, tailored haircut and we saw have memberships that involve shampoo massage, condition massage, extended shampoo or even razor and face scrub services. All done here in all it takes is to try it out risk-free by giving us one dollar for that experience, and we don’t even keep it.

Whenever you come in for your first haircut for just one dollar here Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, we gladly donate that to compassion.com. Compassion.com is a worldwide that helps children all over the world in a variety of situations, so by coming not only are you doing yourself a favor, but are doing children in favor around the world.

So take that first step to give us call today by dialing 833-348-7669 on your phone right now and let us know that your first-time customer so that we can get you your haircut for one dollar and you can experience the difference for yourself. You can also check out more about us in the meantime by going to our website anytime at eitrlounge.com.

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