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The best services you receive is right here when you want to find Jake’s barbers come here and look we have the best things barbers and the area. If you want to come find the best justification get your hair cut jeans you want to come through the elephant in the room and screaming as we have a number one spot in Tulsa for men’s grooming when you to get you right here please James barbers can even hold a candle to people that we have right here elephant in the room men’s room lounge lived in a for a long period of time and we are able to get the best rapport because we really have the best customers do they know were to get the best service to come and get the cool thing is that each person and that he really feels personalized and they feel like they know us by Jenks Barbers and my name because when they come in we have such a personalized schedule is set for them that we know exactly what they want specifically when they come in each every time we consistently deliver that and that’s why they say it’s like they feel like at home that the were family. So please if you Jenks Barbers to feel at home as well you want to feel like we are family to you. Please come down today and the other main services we offer. The white every person they come here today is loving the services of their offering right here. I am so enthralled about admitting that we’ve done today. It’s absolutely amazing and I want to be a to give you the best service and possibly have. It’s nothing like being in the chair at elephant in the room it’s in throwing feeling that makes you feel really great about being able to sit in the chair were people truly value the ability to take pride in detail and not cut corners Jenks Barbers standards be Jenks Barbers to cut on quality we don’t do that here that’s our motto that’s literally in our mission statement we want to make sure you understand that we want to help you experience an relaxed and upscale environment at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge and feel like when you walk out of here you can look better and be the best you you can possibly because were to help you find you and accentuate the characteristics that make you you and make you look the best. As we look for to do here we had all the services available to do is what you want to get a beer tram a goatee trim and eyebrows waxed paraffin wax for your hand up to look a little rough from it working outside with you facial wax and scrub and massage all of that is available right here come the elephant in the room and screaming lounge and call us at 918-877-2219 for an appointment or discover the great conference of website we haven’t see all the Jenks Barbers offered for the [email protected]

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