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When you choose often in the room at our Jenks Barbers you know that you will be pampered the whole time. From the start to finish you’ll get taken care of more than you would expect out of a barbershop. We will provide you with a beverage to start things off with. From there we will do your hair consultation. After that we’ll take care of a tailored haircut for you. After the haircut you will continue with your pampering by doing many other extra things that many barber shops do not offer. We make sure you feel like a king.

There are several other services you can receive with our Jenks Barbers. With every haircut you will receive a shampoo and massage, a condition and a massage and a hot towel. Are face moisturizer and massage, extended shampoo, and face scrub. We also always style your hair or beard if that’s what you would like us to do for no extra cost. We have a few other add-ons that just take it to the next level if it’s something you are looking for. We have a pair of hand treatment, essential oil Scout massage, and razor service.

We know you’ll see that we are the best at Men’s Grooming for Jenks Barbers. Our grooming Lounge is rated five stars with the highest number of reviews for men’s salons in our area. We will always provide you nothing but the very best when you come to Elephant in your. We know that you will leave happy every time. Are grooming professionals are dedicated to ensuring this happens and want to make sure that you will return the next month. And we know that you’ll be extremely satisfied with our grooming professionals and the way you will be treated at our lounges.

We know your hair is extremely important to you and getting the perfect haircut and style is what you’re looking for. We want to provide you with this on top of providing you with all the extra pampering that you deserve.We train all of your grooming professionals in house to make sure that everyone of them can give the same quality to you no matter which one of our stylists you go with. We know you are going to be blown away with everything we offer and the way you are treated.

We want to see you. We know you may have some other questions or want to know more about what we are about. You can do all of this on our website where we list many different things from our services all the way to our give back. Our backstory is on the website as well which we know you’ll be excited to read about as well you can find our website at eitrlounge.com. If there are any questions you have additionally or you want to call the book instead of doing your booking online you can call us at 833-348-7669.

Jenks Barbers | Your choice for barber

Why we will be your choice for Jenks Barbers is because we are only going to treat you with the very best care. Everything you will receive from our grooming professionals will be top notch and you will never be disappointed. We know you will be extremely satisfied with your grooming experience when you come into the elephant in the room. We are dedicated to making sure every man leaves happy from our lounge. If you have anything you want to know about us you can find it on our website.

We are so sure you will be incredibly satisfied with our services that your first visit will be just one dollar at our Jenks Barbers. We can do this because we know we are backed up by great systems. We are so sure you will be extremely pleased with everything we can do for you that you will definitely set up your next appointment the same day before you even leave the lounge. We know that our high quality standards will be what you are looking for and that the price of a membership will be no big deal. You will be so happy you decided to start getting your hair and beard care taken care of by our professionals.

Getting the best use of your time is one thing we are great with at Elephant in the room with our Jenks Barbers. This is why we do all of our appointments in 30 minute intervals. You will be extremely satisfied with how they use their time to make sure they are finished with your hair within 30 minutes. WE want to make sure you feel like you have gotten what you have signed up for in a timely manner. This is why the groom professionals are set on a strict schedule.

Our top priority is our clients and making sure you leave happy with your groom done exactly as you wanted it done. We are always ready to work on your hair and make you have that fresh haircut energy. We know how feeling brand new can have such an affect on your daily life. All you need to do is make sure your grooming professional fully understands what you are wanting out of your appointment each time. Our professionals will always put notes on your profile to make sure that you get the same cut every time and if you want to change it up the notes for your profile will be updated. You will look so good.

We use these tools to make sure we can continue to provide you with the most consistent cuts around. The notes could include anything from the size guard used on the clippers to the kind of hairstyle you keep . Everything you will get from us can be set up on our website or by phone. We are ready to get you started with us so please go check us out at eitrlounge.com or call us at 833-348-7669 for any scheduling questions you may have.

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