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Elephant In The Room wants to bring you the haircut experience of a lifetime. Compared to other Jenks barbers, Elephant In The Room goes above and beyond. Once you experience that you will never go anywhere else. Elephant In The Room offers three memberships that range from standard to premium. When you come in for your first time you will be able to experience a deluxe haircut for only one dollar. Every membership is month-to-month and no contract, which means you are able to cancel anytime if you wish. But you probably won’t want to. To say thank you to all of her first responders, we offer 15% off all the memberships.

Our standard membership is our most basic one, but was so blow you out of the water. Jenks barbers don’t even compare. He receive everything from a beverage of your choice from water, soda, and coffee. A personal consultation with your stylist, a haircut that is tailored just to you, shampoo condition and massage, a hot towel, face moisturizer others, and a personal style. We also pride ourselves on offering amazing bearded tram. If you are a member you can add this to your monthly payment received the member. It can be hard to find someone that knows how to do a beard traim properly, but let us show you our amazing talent that the stylist have.

Now the next membership is our most popular one and you are going to want to experience this. With our deluxe membership you receive everything that you would in a standard membership plus more. You can’t get this same amazing deal at Jenks barbers around the city. In addition to the services that are offered the standard membership, you can choose to add on to the list of five. These include a pair of hand treatment, essential oils, saws, razor service, face scrub, and extended shampoo which you just can’t be. You will receive 10% of all products which I guarantee you are going to want to get your hands on because they’re all organically and locally made. All of our stylist use our own products and the results are amazing.

Our final and most expensive membership is the premium membership. The services that you will receive it standard and deluxe memberships are offered in premium. In addition you will receive the ability to schedule an unlimited amount of deluxe haircuts throughout the month. This is a deal that you just cannot find anywhere else. With a premium membership you also receive 50% off all products which is guaranteed to come in handy. On the bishops include free cleanup. They also receive a free add-on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a appointment already booked, and you must be a member.

We would love to hear from you and be able to answer any questions you might have so give us a call at 833-EITR-NOW to chat with a representative. You can also visit us at www.eitrlounge.com to schedule an appointment or to view our locations and hours. We hope you come in for a visit, once you have the Elephant In The Room haircut experience, you will never be able to go anywhere else.

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