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jenks barbershops | making your hair the best

This content was written for Elephant In The Room

If you have been going to a certain jenks barbershops for quite some time now, but you are looking for something better. Well that something better is going to be Elephant In The Room because we are going to have the highest quality tailored haircut according to your desire. You are never going to be satisfied again with any other haircut that you get anywhere else because we are only going to be give you the best haircut possible. The first time that you haircut it will be costing you just one dollar because we want you to see the quality that we produce every single time. You are going to be looking super fly because of the haircut that you will be receiving from us.

Now we are actually to show you that we are the best jenks barbershops that you’ve ever seen because we are going to be giving you the highest quality standard haircut possible. With the standard haircut is always going to include a complementary beverage and it is always going to include a consultation with your stylist. The way to there’s more and you are also going to be a shampooing and conditioning after your haircut. There’s to be a hot towel on your face and there is going to be a face moisturizing massage as well. You are never going to go anywhere else because of the level quality that you will be receiving from us here at Elephant In The Room.

Speaking of the level quality you are going to see that we have a deluxe package that is going to blow literally every other haircut out of the water. You my friend are going to be in for a very special treat because of the deluxe haircut that you will be receiving. It’s going to include two add-ons that are going to help enhance your jenks barbershops experience because we want you to be in for the best the time. The two more popular ones are going to be essential oil scalp massage and also the paraffin hand treatment as well.

Now you are going with the one that is very bald but has a beard. You are going to be asking will my friend can I partake of these amazing services and we are going to say yes you can. We are able to cater to people that have beards because we are able to take your beard and trim it to however you so desire. We clean up the lines on the top and also the bottom and the trim them from a Duck Dynasty beard to a business professional beard as well.

Now you are going to visit our website on www.eitrlounge.com in order to book online and also to learn more about our amazing services. Or if you so desire as well there is a number that you can call the call the call center. The numbers 833-348-7669 and they are going to be able to help schedule you at any one of our four locations as well.

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