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Jenks Haircut by the name of elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge can be found on social media. The multiple locations throughout Oklahoma more specifically we do have a location in Jenks and if you want able to get a haircut quickly but you also don’t have a quote you also unable to get a quality haircut and elephant in the room is the one for you. So go ahead and give us, they are looking to be able to have a company that actually makes and uses his own product. Chelsea connects to get 10% off all products if you sign up for our deluxe membership. We have multiple memberships to choose from but of course you just went out which ones it can be the best one for you.

Because when you join us you can actually get Jenks Haircut from elephant in the room. We have three memberships to choose from standard deluxe or premium. Each one of these memberships actually has a different take to them. They can actually enough you don’t want to sign up for monthly membership you can always just come in every single time you want to come in and actually try a different membership or try different package. You can either you know your first visit can do the deluxe package or and then the next to do the premium package we also offer beer trims and also free cleanup says he does need to be able to have in the area around your neck cleaned up we can do that for free.

Jenks Haircut by the name of elephant in the room definitely has all the qualities you are looking for in a high-quality Mensa lot. To use a call and tell you more better haircut this was how we treat our grooming professionals. Also if you are a first responder police officer military or firefighting you actually get 15% off any of the memberships. And also when you actually sent for monthly membership you actually get the haircut at a discounted rate if but if you choose not to do membership you would still be up at the papal price. So make it make up your mind, then for your first haircut being only one dollar and that one dollar actually goes to compassion international to be able to help kids get education and healthcare.

Want to be able to get you cleaned up and out to where you going. So let making sure you getting hairstyle is also grooming that is gonna really impress the ladies. Wedding have a wife girlfriend or maybe you’re single anyway be able to have a haircut that can be able to draw those ladies in contact us today to see the connection offer you in terms of a haircut as well as how much money Roxie can be able to save you. Of course we are also can be found on Facebook YouTube and even on her twitter page.

So to be able to set up an appointment you have to call 918-877-2219 and then you also can visit us on the website to see our different locations as well as even if you are considering owning your own franchise became coffee that information on the website. The website is www.eitrlounge.com for more information about it.

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