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Jenks haircut | the Michael Jordan of haircutting stylist

This content was written for elephant in the room

Having a good Jenks haircut place could be increasingly tricky because you are going to want to make sure that the quality haircut that they are capable of giving is going to match the haircut that you are wanting they can be difficult because people might not have the reviews up on their webpage for you to go see and see what kind of haircuts they are capable of if you want a amazing Jenks haircut place one that you know that you will be a trust for all your haircutting needs is called elephant in the room will built offer you your first haircut for just one dollar as well as giving you amazing services and to the top-of-the-line stylist as well.

The first one in this amazing Jenks haircut lineup is called the standard however did not with the name to Seaview it is anything but to the standard treatment of other barbershops it will offer you the free beverage choice as well as a consultation that whenever you first sit down in that barber chair you’ll build until the stylist exactly how you want your hair to look at how you want to go on much went off or even show them a picture of it after that it will be a tailor to trim according to your desires followed by a shampooing and conditioning and get so much better from there because you will be offered a hot towel as well as a face moisturizer and style that you have specified.

If you thought the standard of anything but standard that is the norm here the deluxe is the next step up you’ll offer you the standard packages budget during your spotlight treatment you also be able to choose from two additional services or experiencing answers that will help you relax that much more everything from a hand treatment to a essential oil scalp massage you will be able to mix-and-match any two out of the five that you could think of you will not be disappointed whatever to you go with in addition to those you also receive 10% off all your products that you purchase.

The premium experience is going to absolutely rock everything it will give you the standard and during that standard haircut you will be able to receive all five of the add-ons that are available to choose from +15% off all products that you purchase wall in elephant in the room. You are going to be in for the time to life when you go through here.

If you like to schedule appointments feel free to do that by visiting our website which is www.eitrlounge.com there you will see a number free to call which is (833)348-7669 and that way you will build to call and schedule your appointment you’d also check out the website and see more about the founders and the difficult essential services that we are available to offer you.

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