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Jenks haircuts | waking up form your haircutting nightmare

This content was written for Elephant In The Room

Your mother has insisted that you go to a Jenks haircuts because you are looking a little rough looking. But you decided that you want to go to more than just a haircutting place you want to go to a barbershop. So you Google it and you find out that Elephant In The Room is going to offer you the best quality deal for the first time. That is right just one dollar is all you are going to have to pay in order to get your haircut for the first time at Elephant In The Room. But this one dollars going to allow you to see the quality haircut and you are going to come back time and time again.

Now with our standard haircut is going to be miles above the other Jenks haircuts that you have seen. With our standard is going to include a complementary beverage and a amazing consultation from your hairstylist. Now this consultation is going to lead directly into the tailored haircut that is going to be everything that you have ever dreamed of. After this is can be a warm towel placed on your face as you’re getting your hair washed and conditioned as well. And at the end of all that there is going to be a face moisturizing massage with a styling of your hair at the end as well.

There is going to so much more that Elephant In The Room can offer you than the standard Jenks haircuts. For example our deluxe haircut is going to be absolutely perfect for you if you’re trying to have amnesia and forget the worries of the world. Because the deluxe is going to include to add-ons that are going to be able to help you better relax as well. The add-ons range from the razor service to the extent shampoo to the face scrub. And to name are to most popular ones are going to be the paraffin hand treatment and the essential oil scalp massage.

For those of you gentleman that are bald and have a beard we can help you as well. Because we are able to expertly trim up your beard to whatever length you so desire and we can help clean it up as well. On the top and on the bottom you are going to be able to take and clean up your beard. We want you to go from a wild man to a professional man that is going to be well respected in the business world.

You are going to visit our website on www.eitrlounge.com to schedule online. We want you to schedule lines that way you can schedule whenever you so desire. Or if you’re wanting to talk someone and have any questions then you are going to give her call center call at 833-348-7669. This amazing call center is going to be able to schedule you at any one of our four locations whenever there is a time available. You my friend are going to see that Elephant In The Room is truly there for you.

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