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Jenks haircuts in Tulsa | the luxury haircutting experience

This content was written for elephant in the room

Whenever you hear about a luxury barbershop you automatically think of all time he barbershop quartet singing and dancing around is there cutting your hair back in the time. However if you try to find Jenks haircuts in Tulsa that is a quality barbershop and then elephant in the room is going to be the one that’s it will deliver you everything you ever dreamed of that is more than just a haircut. The first time you to haircut through us here elements of the room you will be old to receive it for just one dollar.

This Jenks haircuts in Tulsa establishment offers three distinctive haircutting experiences for you to choose from everything from the standard, deluxe or premium the standard includes a free beverage a consultation with one of the experience stylus that would be cutting your hair followed by that tailored haircuts one that you’ll be able to put your trust into after that it gets so much better because you will be able to have a shampooing and conditioning followed by a hot towel a face moisturizer and a style of your choice.

If you got the standard package was a luxury haircutting experience just wait until you hear about the deluxe experience is going to include the standard +2 add-ons of your choice from a list of five add-ons to help enhance your haircutting experience you know that you are going to be able to sit back and relax and enjoy the haircutting experience of a lifetime you also be able to receive 10% off all products that you purchase through elephant in the room when you go through the deluxe package how sweet is that.

However the one that is going to be able to claim to be the best in all the haircutting experiences is the premium includes the standard and all five choices that the deluxe major choose two of you will be able tutorial five and have the experience that you will not soon forget along with 35 add-ons you also be able to receive 15% off all products to purchase will your elephant in the room. If you do not need your haircutting you need your beard trims as well we have a beard or trimming option as well we are also able to do goatees as well as to brow waxing as well.

Elephant in the room is through appointment only so if you’re trying to find a time to get this one Jenks haircuts in Tulsa establishment you will be able to give the call at (833)348-7669 where one of our amazing Associates would love to answer the phone answer any and all questions you might have about pricing and about what we offer here they’ll build to set you up on a time and date and get your experience started. If you like to see more about the options as well as read about our founders and Google reviews feel free to do [email protected]

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