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We are the best Jenks haircut place because we are exceptional lately you paid attention to the snotty tales. The believe in what we do is the correct way to do it by giving man a perfect relaxing place to relax while getting the high quality haircut and services provided for them. We are proud that we offer more than just haircuts we offer a much different grooming services. Some of those being like precision that shaving eyebrow wax and wax and amazing award-winning tailored haircuts.

We are very excited to tell you that elephant in the room is the highest rated and most reviewed men salon and all of Oklahoma. In fact we have so many great reviews on a YouTube channel and over 6000 reviews on our Google account alone. We always recommend to our clients to check it out so they can really see who we are as a business, company, and everything. You see before and after photos and you see who we are and what were made of. We know what you’re going to find. We may find that we are exceptional individuals who are hard-working and focus driven and we come together to create something amazing.

This is your first time getting Jenks haircuts at elephant in the room and we want to live your hair service down to one dollar. This is a country and satisfaction guaranteed or your one dollar back. It starts when you walk through a door and you have a nice welcoming environment may just for you. You then asked if you’d like a beverage to best suit you, and we start your our consultations. A consultation is to decipher what you’re wanting in the services you asked for free appointment. We then give you the best award-winning tailored haircut available. We then have shampoo and massages, conditioner massage all of this wall will give you a hot towel treatment and facial moisturizer. We then give you an exceptional style at the end so you can go about your day feeling fresh, renewed, and amazing.

Elephant in the room has amazing Jenks haircuts because we have created the ultimate man cave experience just for you. We have the rest of the barn what environment and only the most amazing music, to core, smells, staff training, ambience, and the man size barber chairs. We will make sure your hundred percent comfortable here. We offer a huge variety of different services you in any way possible. In fact we only give top-quality. You’ll find our staff is very welcoming and warm. They always have high energy and uplifting patent sensitive attitudes. We are man focusing where obsessed with wowing anyone who comes to our door. We love that we do have a lot of personal pride in our work. We are very professional and friendly and only want the best.

If you have any questions, concerns or you ready to schedule your first appointment, don’t be afraid to contact elephant in the room by our elephant website. Of course if you’d rather talk to a live representative that is personal to you. You can contact us by our business telephone number, 918-877-2219. We look forward to working with you and give you the best top-quality service we can.

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