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Don’t guys want to look nice?

This content was written for Elephant in the Room.

Women aren’t the only ones who like to look nice nowadays. Guys enjoy getting pampered too, and add Elephant in the Room that’s exactly what will happen for Jenks haircuts. Who doesn’t like a nice day out at the spa? Well if you are a guy and you feel like being pampered then why not head over to Elephant in the Room. All you have to do to book your appointment is called 918–877–2219. Call them today and you can treat yourself to a nice time.

Many guys nowadays like to grow out their beards. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain after a while or maybe you’re just not exactly sure how to do it. Well, at Elephant in the Room they can give you the tools necessary to keep your beard looking fresh and nicely trimmed. They also offer many products that can help it keep that very nice maintained a look.

If you are a man looking for Jenks haircuts then elephant in the room is the place for you. They not only offer amazing haircuts with many different shapes and styles but they also offer massages. They even have different kinds massages that can be from a couple minutes to an extended amount of time up to 20 minutes. These are all done right there in the shop wall you’re getting your haircut and your beard trimmed. They even offer scout massages while they are shampooing your hair.

If you get a membership at elephant in the room you’re even offered a beverage while getting your hair done. They offer cokes, and even beers for your comfort and enjoyment. Why do the ladies get to have all the fun? Men deserve to be pampered too, and if you feel like being pampered then you should give Elephant in the Room a call. This is an opportunity you want to take advantage of.

This is a place that is literally just for guys to feel at home and feel good about themselves. So why wait another moment? Give Elephant in the Room a call today and book your appointment so that you can get pampered just like the ladies do. Their number is 918–877–2219. So go ahead and give them a call today for your Jenks Haircuts. You will not regret it.

Amazing haircuts at Elephant in the Room.

This content was written for Elephant in the Room.

Ladies are not the only ones who like to go to the spa and get pampered, and get their hair done. If you are a man looking for Jenks haircuts then Elephant in the Room is the place for you. Men also enjoy all of these things, and why shouldn’t they? They offer many things with their memberships and you will not regret booking with them today. So why not give them a call? Their number is 918–877–2219.

Elephant in the Room is a place for men to feel special and appreciated. It is full of friendly individuals who are there to make you feel special and to make sure that your haircutting experience is one you will remember. The entire atmosphere of the shop is absolutely amazing. They even offer you a cold beverage when you arrive for your appointment so that you can feel even more at home. And with a membership this is completely free.

With elephant in the room they have many different membership options and if you decide to get the deluxe package you can get all extra products at 10% off. You could even decide to go with the premium package that will in-depth gate getting you 15% off all extra products. That’s a steal of a deal. They will even show you how to use all of these products and find ones that specifically suited to your individual needs.

When you go to Elephant in the Room every single haircut you get will be customized to your individual wants and needs. The hairdressers here will listen to you and talk to you about what it is it that you want exactly and they will be sure to give it to you. If you are not sure what kind of haircut or beard trim you would like then they have plenty of options for you to choose from and will even offer you ideas on what they think would look best and best suit your personal face shape.

So if you’re looking for Jenks haircuts then you need to not look any further than elephant in the room because this place is amazing. They have so many different options, as well as very friendly hairdressers who are always there and prepared for your appointment. All you have to do to book your appointment at Elephant in the Room is to just call them today. Give them a call at 918–877–2219. You can’t go wrong with Elephant in the Room, so go ahead and book them today.

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