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have you been in the driving around the Jenks area and came across the Jenks Man Salon elephants in the room? Elephants in the room is a men’s only grooming lounge there provides phenomenal haircuts to men they have fantastic customer service. If you are looking for upbeat hairstylists to visit the place for you. We take pride in our fantastic customer service. We have so much to offer you. We are located near many of your favorite fantastic restaurants. This is a great time to be an elephant in the rooms mens grooming lounge. Feel free to enjoy our amazing memberships that allow you to receive our haircuts at a reduced price every single month.

Here at elephants and the role Jenks Men Salon we provide you with the most award-winning haircuts. We actually take pride in that it would mention that all of our clients for the same treatment. We are super excited to serve you. Become ready and enthusiastic to serve each one of our clients on everyday basis. We also save you time and money. We cannot in and out of the chair with in 30 minutes. Neimeyer cuts last over 30 minutes. If you are looking for additional services like about wax or beard trim we can do that for you as well. The amazing thing about elephants in the room men’s grooming lounge is that simplify amazing services to man all over the Tulsa, broken arrow, and Jenks area.

We make sure that we train all of our professionals in health at elephants in the room men’s grooming lounge the Local Jenks Man salon. The reason we do this is because he was be able to provide exceptional services to increasing one of our clients to matter what location may need to go to in which stylelist as they are with. This is how we make sure that we can accommodate you in any way possible. All of our professionals are well trained and excited about what they do. You will be about a professional environment with others who are just as excited about your haircut as you. We take great care of you and we take even better care of your hair.

If you’re wanting to be an environment where you can relax and get catered to by one of our amazing bringing professionals. Elephants in the room is a great place for you. You will receive exceptional services that you can get it no other man haircut salon in Oklahoma. We also service many of clients in the Oklahoma City area. With our three locations in the Tulsa area as well as our two locations in the Oklahoma City area we are dominating our industry providing award-winning haircuts to every single man in Oklahoma that we are able to reach.

If you are in need of a haircut right now there is no need to miss out on such an amazing Jenks Man Salon experience. Go to our website today eitlounge.com and book an appointment with us. You’ll receive your very first haircut for only one dollar. That is such an amazing offer with all that it entails. If you are having any trouble getting yourself schedule, or you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to give us a call today at 833.348-7669. We would absolutely love to help you!

Who’s Got The Jenks Man Salon For You?

Is this your first time hearing about the phenomenal Jenks Man Salon that has been able to serve this thousands of other rates Oklahomans with award-winning haircuts? What don’t miss out! Elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge is a super awesome place to be. We have great customer service. And we are five-star reviewed man’s salon which is the highest rated. We have also memberships for those who would like to see us on a regular basis for a reduced price. This is how you become a part of our community. We absolutely take pride in providing lady haircuts to me mean and boys who are over the age of 12. We have been able to dominate that man’s haircut industry by providing exceptional services to me and that are undeniably great.

If you have never got to visit the amazing Jenks Man salon called today and schedule with us you receive your very first haircut for only one dollar. Yes, we set one dollar, you know what all this includes? It includes a shampoo and conditioner with a massage as well as a hair consultation with your style is. We provide you with beverage during your haircut appointment and when it’s your very first appointment with this you do receive two free add-ons which is a paraffin hand treatment in a essential or your scalp massage. This is awesome! We believe in treating our clients as amazing as they truly are. We also want to make sure that your scout for your hair is in perfect shape.

At Jenks Man salon What sets us apart from other man’s barbershops is that we actually care about the condition of your scalp that is why for your very first haircut appointment we give you an essential oil scalp massage. This is an extremely great service especially in the winter months whatever it is getting a lot of cold outside in your scalp begins to get a little bit dryer. Don’t worry we have so many amazing services take care of all kind of specific needs that you may have. We are always excited and ready to serve our clients. We make sure that we understand that you have a lot of things to do during the day. Book your next haircut appointments with elephants in the room and spend no longer than 30 minutes in our shop and we will have you in very crisp tip top shape.

You will fully get it the necessary treatment and care that your hair in yourself truly means. We understand that man worked very hard and being able to get a luxurious haircut for only one dollar is the least the elephant the room can do for you. For your convenience we also make it quick and easy for you at checkout. We make sure that we are a credit and debit only shop so that you can get in and out as quickly as possible. This helps us keep now lives inside of our store in a helps our clients be able to get to their next event, or outing as quickly as possible.

If you would like to book an appointment today you can feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at 833-348-7669. Feel free to book online at any time or just browse to learn more about us at eitrlounge.com

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