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Here at Elephant In The Room your Tulsa, Oklahoma City, broken Arrow, and Jenks man salon we want to serve you the best we can. One way that we do that to start your experience off right is to give you your first haircut for one dollar. Where else can you get anything for one dollar? We want you to experience us and get a feel for us before you pay full price for a haircut. We want you to enjoy as as well as every minute that you are in our grooming lounge. After that we want you to continue to come back as well as recommend friends and family. Our one dollar haircut includes a beverage, consultation, a tailored haircut, shampoo and massage, conditioner and massage, hot towel, face moisturizer and massage, and style.

Because we are were Tulsa, Oklahoma City, broken Arrow, and Jenks man salon we have multiple locations to offer you. We have one location in broken Arrow, two locations in OKC, and two locations inTulsa. Having multiple locations gives as an advantage because we can serve you wherever is closest to you. It also gives us an advantage because each of our grooming lounges have stylists that are trained completely to our process as well as to our high standards. You should get the same service at each elephant in the room that you should visit. We pride ourselves on being Oklahoma’s highest and most reviewed men salon.

We are in the highest rated and most reviewed in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, broken Arrow, and Jenks man salon. We want you to leave feeling like you got the most bang for your buck. This means that their first haircut we will only charge you $1. If you look on our website you can read the many different reviews for multiple different people saying why they rated us the best in Oklahoma for haircuts. We want to give you the best service as well as the best results possible.

The different services that we offer are our one free beverage service during your visit, a free consultation to see exactly what you need and want, a tailored haircut specifically to you, shampoo and conditioner with a massage for each that should leave you feeling very relaxed, we also have a hot towel that we will put on your face to open up your pores and clean out your pores, we also have a face moisturizer and massage after your hot towel to make sure your pores are closed and clean by the time you leave, and then we will also style your hair cut. All of these services and more are available to you.

Be sure to call us here at Elephant In The Room using our phone number 833-348-7669 or go to our website eitrlounge.com. When you call us using our phone number you will get in touch with one of our representatives to schedule your appointment today. If you go to our website we encourage you to look at the many reviews for multiple different people as well as look at our history, locations, and our franchise opportunities. You can also book from our website or you can text us to book your appointment. We look forward to giving you you were one dollar haircut and continuing to get your service for your haircut needs.

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